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Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper Energy production

Arctic Paper signs an agreement with Adven on sustainable energy supply for the paper mill in Munkedal, Sweden

The European paper producer Arctic Paper has concluded a long-term agreement with energy partner Adven on sustainable energy supply to the paper mill in Munkedal. The agreement reduces CO2-emissions significantly and ensures lower, more stable and predictable energy costs for Arctic Paper. Arctic Paper is a leading producer of high-quality…

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Industries Material and side stream recovery Energy production

Energy from by-products? Yes! Nearly anything can be combusted

Renewable energy use is on the rise, which bodes well for domestic fuels and by-products used in energy production. Of the energy used in Finland, roughly 40 per cent comes from domestic sources – but that figure could be higher. With energy trade, approximately 4–8 billion euros flows outside of…

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Industries Food & Beverage Energy production

New and innovative energy solutions for major food industry players

Adven offers innovative energy solutions to food industry players in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Partnership with us gives clients the opportunity to focus entirely on their core business. Professional eyes can spot areas in need of development and provide insight into how energy solutions can be developed further. Energy…

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Industries Energy production

In the town of Hanko, Adven’s climate-friendly energy solutions benefit businesses and homes alike

The town of Hanko, at the southern tip of Finland, is home to a cluster of process steam and heating plants operated by Adven. The plants’ close proximity to each other provides synergies for both maintenance and fuel procurement. Any surplus heat from the plants is fed into the town’s…

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Industries Metals, Minerals & Mining Energy production

Terrafame aims to develop energy efficiency of its production process in cooperation with Adven

Adven and Terrafame Oy have agreed on cooperation which aims to develop the energy efficiency of Terrafame’s production process and explore new energy solutions for the energy production for the battery chemical plant which Terrafame is planning to invest in. ”Our goal is to make an investment decision on a…

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