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Industries Material and side stream recovery

The circular economy minimises waste – savings and revenue from side streams

Almost all industries produce side streams – raw materials, energy and chemicals – that go to waste after the manufacturing process. Today, these side streams can be harnessed for reuse or even processed further as new commodities with business value. In Adven’s ongoing sales projects side stream recovery is considered in…

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Industries Food & Beverage Material and side stream recovery

Raisio Group’s Nokia mill will be carbon neutral with a new bioenergy solution

Raisio is once again making additional investments in Nokia mill. Adven is implementing a new heating plant at the site, which will use the by-products generated in the mill’s production as fuel. With the new heating plant, Nokia’s mill will be carbon neutral and at the same time energy costs…

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Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper Material and side stream recovery

Kotkamills to boost chemical recycling – new solution to reduce environmental load by thousands of tonnes

At the turn of 2020-2021, paper and board mill Kotkamills will adopt a closed-cycle solution to boost chemical recovery. The chemical oxygen demand of the wastewater treatment plant will fall by around 20 per cent and the carbon dioxide emissions will decline by approximately 3,500 tonnes. The solution will be…

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Industries Material and side stream recovery Energy production

Energy from by-products? Yes! Nearly anything can be combusted

Renewable energy use is on the rise, which bodes well for domestic fuels and by-products used in energy production. Of the energy used in Finland, roughly 40 per cent comes from domestic sources – but that figure could be higher. With energy trade, approximately 4–8 billion euros flows outside of…

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Industries Material and side stream recovery Evaporation

Evaporation solution – A genuine part of the customer’s production process

Partnership between Adven and Finnamyl stemmed from a need to develop new opportunities for the cell sap that remains after starch separation. Previously, the residual fruit juice was used as it is for fertilizer purposes. Nowadays, the residual fruit juice is concentrated at Adven’s evaporation plant, and the resulting nutrients…

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