Account Management

We are Adven’s Account Management team

“Close and continuous co-operation with our customers. In long-standing partnerships, we are willing and prepared to develop the solutions to optimally meet our customer’s needs now and in the future.” 

Together with the customer, we continuously develop and improve the energy service based on the feedback, changing needs, and improvement potential. When the investment project has been completed, cooperation and partnership will continue on a full-scope basis throughout the long-term agreement period.

Our account managers together with operational organization continuously cooperate with the customers: monitor the site performance, optimize the solutions and plants to meet the customer’s needs now and in the future.

We always plan an operating model for monitoring and developing the collaboration together with the customer. Regular cooperation meetings are held to keep track of the overall operation and to identify useful solutions that could also for instance be applied in the customer’s other factories.

Adven has customers in different process industries and real estate sector which means that the site operation and production requirements differ and often change constantly. Our account managers are experts in listening to the customer, analyzing the performance and anticipating future development potential.

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