Project Management

We are Adven’s Project Management

“In charge of a portfolio of dozens of industrial and real estate projects with a total value of tens of millions of euros and doing our job with great professionalism and care.” 

Implementation of energy and water solutions are always major undertakings. Our project team is in charge of a portfolio of dozens of projects with a total value of tens of millions of euros.

In Adven’s Energy as a Service® model designing and testing solutions is included in the sales process, so our project team sees to it that the energy plant or solution is built according to the concept design plan. Typically, building a plant or solution takes about a year from signing the agreement.

When managing a large construction site, prioritizing and good decision-making skills cannot be overemphasized. Efficiency requires the ability to eliminate unnecessary work and focus on what is essential for the project. We make sure that even in large construction projects the schedule, budget and action plan are clear and carefully prepared.

Our team collaborates closely with our operational organization to ensure that the plant will function as planned and meets the customer’s needs now and in the future. The construction projects are executed in a network-like manner, together with engineering companies and equipment suppliers, so good project communication skills are needed.

All in all, we are a very devoted group of people, and we do our job with great professionalism and care.

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