Operations and Maintenance

We are Adven’s Operations and Maintenance team

“Over 250 dedicated field specialists operating customer critical processes, securing reliable energy supply and improving performance of the plants.”

Operations of customer critical processes is one of Adven’s three strategic capabilities. Our team of over 250 specialists is responsible for daily operations over 300 plants and reacts promptly to changing situations. The plants are spread out geographically in each Adven’s operational country and operators run, improve, and optimize different types of solutions that include for instance both large and small boilers and different technologies and fuels. We also collaborate with customers from housing to different industries.

Field specialists, with the help of operational and automation specialists, ensure that our plants operate cost-effectively with as little disruption as possible. We are remote monitoring plants of several different types 24/7. We use our expertise as a team to take care of different fault and operational situations.

Our energy production plants are highly automated. There is rarely a need to intervene in the so-called basic running of the plant. In this way, we can operate a great number of plants centrally and focus more on developing and optimizing the operations.

Safety is a priority for us. We aim for zero work-related injuries and work together to take our safety culture to a world-class level. We learn constantly something new at work and Adven also encourage us by providing opportunities for further training. The team mates always provide help and support when needed.

With this group, everything is under control!

What is energy automation?

Energy automation, those “Brains and Nerves” of the energy plant, plays the most critical role for enabling and securing safe, reliable, and effective services for Adven’s customers by supervising, controlling, and analyzing production plant processes automatically and reporting online actual status and key performance indicators of the plant. Together with state-of-the-art remote operation technologies at Adven’s 24/7 Operational Center, Automation guarantees, that all promises to Adven’s customers will be kept and any deviations will be noted and tackled before notable cumulations to services we’ve promised appears.

Mika Halme has worked two summers in a row in Adven’s energy automation and data collection.

The operational center

Adven’s operational centers monitor and develop operations of more than a hundred energy plants round the clock. The aim is to avoid disturbances with proactive monitoring. A significant role is also played in the optimization of the operations of energy plants. Most of the alarms can be dealt with remotely. For the customers, this means safe and reliable energy production.

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