Becoming the leading partner in the energy transition

10th January 2024
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The unstable situation of the energy market continued also in 2023. The ongoing war in Ukraine, stricter directives and high inflation are factors impacting the fuel market, and thus, the overall market situation. This has affected us all. Despite the unpredictable times characterizing 2023, we at Adven continued to make a difference and a sustainable impact.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and resource efficiency is not just our way forward, it is a growing demand from society. It is also encouraged in national and EU regulation, bringing incentives for companies to act. Our strategy is to support our customers on their different paths to sustainability. We do this by creating resource efficient and competitive solutions and partnerships.

2023 brought us closer to our vision of becoming the leading partner in the energy transition.

EU decision in favor for the sustainability of forest residues

The negotiations on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) between the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament and the EU Commission were completed on 30 March 2023. As a result, the use of forest residues in energy production got classified as sustainable. This good news from EU is an important milestone for businesses and societies.

Forest residues are for example branches, residual products from the forest industry, and low-quality wood. For us, forest residues are a significant share of our fuel mix, and we consider it as an important energy source now and in the future. The decision on RED III was a relief for us as we can continue to be proud of the fact that our business is classified as sustainable, also at the EU level.

Driving the energy transition in many ways

By developing sustainable solutions in partnership with our customers, municipalities, and suppliers, as well as converting our own plants to become more flexible for a future fuel mix, we drive the energy transition towards the usage of renewable and recycled energy sources.

Our ambition is that 95% of our delivered energy will stem from renewable and recycled energy sources by 2030. During the past year we have driven the energy transition in many ways together with our customers and partners.

Here are five realized examples from 2023 that we are extra proud of:

Viking Malt

During the year we’ve helped Viking Malt in Lahti, Finland, to become one of the most energy efficient malt producers in Europe. We’ve built a solution where waste heat covers more than 65% of the heat energy needed. In addition, barley husk by-products are re-used as fuel in energy production.

Avesta pellet boiler

By investing in a new pellet boiler in Avesta, Sweden, we reduced the usage of fossil oil in our district heating production with 800 cubic meters per year. Resulting in reduced CO2 emission with almost 2,100 tonnes per year.


In Paide, Estonia, we support E-Piim’s journey towards carbon neutrality. The cheese and whey powder producer has built the largest factory in the Baltics, and we provide the factory with steam produced from renewable fuels.


In partnership with Valio in Finland we have increased their share of renewable energy use at two sites. An electric boiler has replaced in Riihimäki , and in Turenki a pellet-fired plant is now up and running.

Cēsis biomass boiler house

In Cēsis, Latvia, we celebrated the opening of our new biomass boiler house. From now on, the district heating in the Berzaines street area is produced by 95% renewable energy – a big leap from the previous 0%.

Year 2023 in numbers

  • 132 new colleagues
  • 20 ongoing industrial energy projects
  • 20 GWH increased volume of district heating
  • 10 423 tonnes annual CO2 emissions will be saved with our partnerships
  • 10 000 current customers
  • 135 current real estate and industrial energy sites
  • 7 206 current followers on LinkedIn

It’s easy to talk the talk – we walk the walk. We will continue to drive the transition and look forward to sharing more with you during 2024!

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