New bioenergy heating plant for Valio

13th June 2022
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Valio and Adven have signed an agreement on a new energy plant for the use of Valio’s production in Turenki, southern Finland. The new pellet-fired plant helps Turenki factory to make the transition to use renewable biofuels, thereby cutting carbon dioxide emission by five thousand tons per year. Adven is Valio’s long-term energy supplier in Turenki and in other locations.

The new energy plant uses pellets derived from the side streams of the timber industry. Starting to use renewable fuels and cutting carbon dioxide emissions by five thousand tons is yet another step Valio is taking towards its goal of carbon neutrality by 2035.

Thanks to the use of biofuel, the Turenki plant will also achieve considerable cost savings, with fuel availability improving as well. The steep rise in the price of natural gas and uncertainty as to its availability were factors that strengthened the faith in investment decision.

“We are first and foremost interested in the aspect of abandon the use of fossil fuels, and secondly in increasing the production security,” says Valio’s energy manager Peter Fabritius.

Valio’s production plants are integral parts of the security of supply in Finland, and the pellet plant will improve the Turenki factory’s operational reliability even more.

The 3.5-megawatt plant will generate steam that is used in heating the Turenki factory and water as well as in heat treatment of products. In Turenki, Valio produces UHT milk and cream, extended shelf life (ESL) products, vegetable-based products, and baby foods.

Long partnership continues

Adven has been the energy partner for Valio for a long time at many of its factories, also Turenki. The fact that the contract was coming to an end and the major changes in the energy market made Valio look for an alternative to natural gas. Following a close competitive tendering, Adven provided the best alternative.

“Adven’s solution was the most competitive. We have also been very happy with Adven’s services, and we know they could deliver us a good solution, since we already have a similar one at our juice factory in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki,” says Fabritius.

Adven will build the new plant next to the old energy plant. The old plant running on natural gas and light fuel oil will be left in place in case of peak load, and also for the use of Froneri ice cream factory nearby.

“The new plant will be integrated with the old heating plant into an overall solution, meaning that no investments will be needed for a plant as a reserve system and for peak loads. This too is a responsible solution, as we are utilising existing facilities,” says Adven’s key account director Heikki Aarrejoki.

The investment is made by Adven, with Valio buying the steam it needs as a service. Adven will be in charge of the plant’s construction, and will both operate and develop the energy service according to the customer’s needs.

“The agreement for the plant was made in April 2022, which was when the project was kicked off. The plant’s foundations will be laid before the end of the year, and actual production will begin in the summer of 2023,” says production manager Timo Saarenpää of Valio’s Turenki plant.

Turenki’s new heating plant in brief:

  • Steam production: 22 GWh per year
  • Use of renewable fuels in production: 95%
  • Ends dependence on natural gas
  • Cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 5 thousand tons a year
  • Project timeline from May 2022 to summer 2023

We are first and foremost interested in the aspect of abandon the use of fossil fuels, and secondly in increasing the production security.

Peter Fabritius
Valio’s energy manager

Additional information:

Heikki Aarrejoki, tel. +358 50 411 1848

Peter Fabritius, interview and call requests Valio via Mediadesk, tel. +358 10 381 2118 or



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