Håkan Roos is always at the “exciting phase”

11th April 2023
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After four years at Adven, I think I’ve accumulated enough experience to be able to give anyone who’s curious a fair picture of what it’s like working at Adven in general. I am Håkan Roos and I am Sales Project Developer.

Sales are often out and about meeting customers. In my case, customers are often decision-makers and technical experts in major industrial companies.

In order to understand the customer’s needs, we have to ask the right person the right questions and visit plants to get a first-hand look at their daily operations. After that, it’s about calculating, analyzing and drafting a technical solution that meets the needs we have identified together with the customer.

My favorite courses at KTH Royal Institute of Technology were always in energy and material balance and this area still feels like the perfect fit for me.



I’ve also, along with sales work, had the opportunity to be in charge of concept development in several projects, which suits me perfectly. I think I’ve been given this sort of responsibility thanks to my drive and competence, but also due to the fact that there is always room at Adven to do what you’re good at.

Always at the “exciting phase”

What is both positive and sometimes a bit stressful is that I feel like I’m constantly at the “exciting phase”.

When you’re working at a factory or in production as I used to, you may have to wait years from the identification of a potential improvement to the prioritization of a specific project. At Adven, the identification and realization of potential improvements in industry is what my team does every single day.

A good day at work is one where I am able to identify, design and sell a technical solution that can make a difference to the customer, both in terms of the environment and profitability.

The biggest kick I get is when the energy solution turns out to be something the customer wouldn’t have thought of themselves. I develop the most in the situations where we are taken to the limit and we still manage to deliver. Situations where we come out on the other side and see how much we’ve managed to learn in the process.

One thing that makes Adven an exciting company to work at is that we are not afraid to explore new business opportunities. If we come across a need that falls within our area of expertise and that benefits both the customers and the environment, we look into it.

A sustainable working life

Working in a business that has so much future potential is fantastic. We are growing significantly, and I believe we have been successful at recruiting motivated and competent personnel that are also fun to work with.

We are good at coming up with things to do outside of work, something that I felt was missing at my previous jobs. There is also an understanding for the complexity of people’s private lives and that we may have to prioritize our families at times.

I also feel that it’s important that, through my job, I can help achieve a better future and something that will eventually benefit the planet and us people.

That is a purpose that I am happy to devote my working life to.