E-Piim’s new energy center up and running

22nd January 2024
News Industries Food & Beverage

In Paide, Estonia, the energy center built for E-Piim’s new factory is in operation, marking Estonia’s largest energy solution for the food industry. The solution is capable of producing 45 tons of steam per hour. Adven will operate the energy center under a long-term contract.

E-Piim’s factory has partially started its production in the Baltics’ most modern dairy industry, prompting the activation of the recently completed energy center by Adven. Currently, it supplies steam to the first cheese production lines in operation, and its full capacity will soon be applied in the upcoming whey powder production.

The energy center can produce up to 45 tons of steam per hour for cheese and whey powder production. According to Juhan Aguraiuja, SVP Baltics at Adven, this is the highest-capacity energy solution built for the food industry in Estonia.

“Dairy processing, especially at E-Piim’s flagship factory in the Baltics, requires a reliable energy solution to ensure seamless production. This is our largest project in recent years, utilizing Adven’s finest engineering capabilities from both Estonia and the Nordic region. However, the completion of the energy center marks the beginning of a long-term partnership – it is now when the day-to-day operation and reliability assurance begin,” explains Juhan Aguraiuja.

He adds that everything that is possible and reasonable is automated; two maintenance technicians regularly visit the site, and continuous monitoring is carried out through Adven’s control room.

Readiness to use different energy sources

The primary energy source in the boiler house is biomass – wood chips. To cover reserve and peak loads, biogas can be used, and if necessary, natural gas, liquefied gas, or light fuel oil.

“Readiness to use different energy sources provides flexibility to ensure security of supply and reasonable prices. The goal is mainly to use renewable fuel – minimizing the environmental impact is a common principle for both Adven and E-Piim. It was a pleasure to see during the project that both companies value a long-term perspective and partnership,” comments Juhan Aguraiuja the successful collaboration.

“Sustainability is certainly a crucial principle for E-Piim – starting from valuing rural life, efficient processes, and ending with the recycling of materials and residues. Adven’s renewable energy solution fits perfectly into this picture,” says Randel Veerits, the manager of E-Piim’s Paide factory.

According to him, E-Piim found a common ground in values and professional project management with Adven.

The reliability of the energy solution directly impacts the quality and stability of our production, so we chose our partner very carefully. Thorough consideration of needs with the Adven team paid off nicely. It was a pleasure to see how things flowed, agreements worked, and we are on the right track as good partners.

Randel Veerits
Manager of E-Piim’s Paide factory

The construction work on establishing the energy center began in the summer of 2022. Adven designed and implemented the biomass pre-furnace and boilers, two gas and light fuel oil boilers, and other equipment. Adven is responsible for the operations of the site and energy supply for the next 20 years.


E-Piim Tootmine AS has established a new, modern, and automated cheese factory in Paide, aiming to reach full production capacity in cheese and whey powder in 2024.