Energy as a Service®

Partnership in sustainable energy and infrastructure solutions for industries and real estate

One of many challenges that the industrial sector is facing today is the increasing pressure to invest in infrastructure for energy and water to meet with the demands by the society and to implement their own roadmaps for more sustainable operations. This raises questions on how to best finance such critical and long-term investments and build an organization with the right competence to manage them.

The real estate sector is also working towards the same sustainability goals, often with energy as one of the main focuses. However, energy production is not part of their core business which is why many real estate actors prefer not to own their energy plants – or they simply lack resources to execute energy-related projects.

Adven’s Energy as a Service® model is a way to overcome these challenges. With Adven as a long-term partner, you can utilize energy in a new way – and at the same time focus on strengthening your business for the future. We make the investment on your behalf and assume the responsibility throughout the entire value chain, from designing and implementing to operating and maintaining the plant, as well as 24/7 monitoring and continuous development.

In this video, we explain how the service model works in practice in the industrial sector. The concept as such remains the same in a real estate context.

How do we operate?

Energy as a Service® is our operational model for your benefit

Through Energy as a Service® model Adven assumes the responsibility throughout the entire value chain, from designing and implementation to operating and maintaining the facility, not to mention 24/7 monitoring and continuous development.


Holistic analysis forms the basis for the design of your solution.

Build and own

Investment is made on your behalf with full responsibility for the project implementation.

Operate and maintain

Reliability of the energy supply is always secured by 24/7 remote monitoring and over dedicated 250 field specialists.


Continuous development is in the core succeeding in changing needs.

Elements of the Energy as a Service® model


Everything begins with a detailed understanding of the customer’s processes and operations as well as the customer needs. Adven employs a dedicated team of energy experts that work together to design the most optimal energy solution for the customer. Energy related areas are delved deep into and energy and water usage as well as opportunities within by-products and wastewater are investigated. As an output, the concept design of the solution is created.

• Solution to meet customer’s needs and requirements
• Financial calculations and onsite measurements
• Holistic and long-term view
• Technology independent solutions

Build and own

One of the cornerstones of Adven’s model is that Adven brings in the required capital. Energy as a Service model can be seen as a service contract as the design and operation of the solution is done by Adven. As an off-balance sheet option, model allows companies to invest in their core processes and keep their own financial figures healthier. Project organizations sees to that the energy plant is built according to the concept design plan. The projects draw on the solid expertise of Adven’s operations organization to ensure that the solution will function as planned and meet the customer’s needs.

• Capex covered by Adven
• Off-balance sheet solutions
• Construction project covered by Adven
• Managing and leading the supplier cooperation

Operate and maintain

When the energy solution is successfully implemented, Adven’s operations and maintenance organization consisting of over 250 specialists, is responsible for daily operations of the plant and reacts promptly to changing situations. Our 24/7 service network reaches across the countries with local operations always near or at our customers’ sites. In addition, all Adven’s facilities are connected to a modern remote monitoring system. Adven’s central control monitors the operations and processes of the energy plants 24/7.

• Optimizing the energy solution based on customer’s needs
• Operation and maintenance based on strong expertise and experience
• Monitoring and reporting
• High reliability and cost-awareness based 24/7 remote control
• Supply of supplementary energy products, such as reserve power, natural gas or water


Together with the customer, Adven continuously develops and improves the energy service based on the feedback, changing needs and improvement potential. It is important to develop our cooperation hand in hand with the development of the customer’s operations. In the long-standing customer relationships and with the insight to the customer energy production processes and methods, Adven is prepared to develop the energy solutions to optimally meet the changing requirements of the customer’s operations.

• Customer care and joint development
• Energy data analysis
• Service expansions and concept updates
• Reuse of assets
• Flexibility and scalability
• Reduced financial risk

Adven was also the only partner, who was able to manage the whole chain from the solution to the operation and maintenance of the evaporation plant.
Ville Kyläkoski
Plant Manager, IFF FinnFeeds Finland Oy

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