Interns’ different backgrounds are a strength

12th September 2022
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It is rare for interns arriving at Adven to have backgrounds that differ from each other as much as those of Sari Kaukamo and Danil Kozyar. After an internship period of a few months working as operators in the Helsinki metropolitan area’s locations, however, they both have a similar story to tell.

Automation and industry as interests

Danil studied electrical and automation engineering at a vocational school, after which he decided to continue his studies at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

“I was interested in automation and how things work in industry. For my postgraduate studies, I first considered building service technology, but ultimately ended up studying mechanical engineering,” says Danil, describing his education path.

When looking for an internship, Danil came across Adven and quickly decided to send an application after reading about the company and its customers on social media, among other places. The internship has since become a long-term employment relationship.

From nurse to energy professional

Sari’s background is relatively rare for a student of energy technology. She already graduated in the field of health care in 2001, but, over the last few years, has felt that she can no longer carry out her tasks in accordance with her own values due to being too busy. Finally, in 2019, she started to concretely consider a career change.

“I felt that I would never survive to retirement age, because the work caused so much ethical strain and mental stress. I had already started studies for a Master’s degree in social and health care before I made the decision to leave the field entirely,” Sari says.

“I was considering a few different fields that I learned more about and looked for work opportunities in. When I was preparing for entrance exams, I was still on duty for COVID-19 emergency care, and my colleagues cheered me on. It felt great when I finally passed with a good score.”

Scale has been surprising

Both Sari and Danil admit that they have been surprised by the differences between the theory learned in their studies and the actual practice in working life.

“They teach theory in school, but when I am actually in Adven’s work environment, things look a little different. The scale has been one of the most significant differences: the physical size of the plants and boilers alone was surprising. In addition, the work tasks have been a positive surprise, since my mental image of engineering work has been that of sitting at a computer, but I have actually been able to change valves and solve other problems,” says Danil.


Sari provides support for Danil’s view.

“Now that I have been to many different plants, I have had that wow-feeling many times. I did not have a proper concept of energy utilities based on my studies. Compared to my previous job, the contrast is downright huge,” Sari says.

The duo wants to emphasize that in this work, you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions – and quickly if needed.

“Sometimes you have to make quick decisions in maintenance work, but you will receive help from the more experienced employees, if needed,” says Sari.

“At times, you have to think of different solutions at a rapid pace, but I am not afraid to take responsibility. If my ideas need work, then more experienced employees will help me brainstorm, and they have been a big help over the first few months,” Danil says.

Together and separately

Sari and Danil have worked together a fair amount during the internship period, but they have also had many independent tasks as well. These tasks include, for example, water metering and problem reports at different plants, as well as the inspection of district heating wells and necessary maintenance work.

“Danil and I had our own plants during the summer, where we worked independently. At the same time, we were often together at the large plant in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, for example. Sometimes there was also paperwork that could be completed remotely from home,” says Sari.

Almost the entire summer was primarily spent together with the other summer workers. There were no bad days, it was always fun. If someone made a mistake, then we fixed it together and learned from it.

Danil Kozyar
Adven’s Summer Trainee, summer 2022

“Adven has always given me a family vibe, where everyone is taken into account and no one is left alone. I had wished that I would be able to have an impact through my own actions, and now I feel that is true,” Danil says.

Sari praises the fact that she can now cope better mentally than she has for years. The career change in adulthood seems to have hit the bullseye.

“Nowadays, I sometimes also do physical work, but it does not cause any strain at all when compared to the stress from working in care. My family has also noticed a change in me. Recovering from work is much easier now,” says Sari.

Sari will also be staying at Adven. After the summer job ended, she signed a contract to continue working there.

Multiform teaching makes it possible to study well while working.

Sari Kaukamo
Adven’s Summer Trainee, summer 2022

The duo praises Adven

Sari and Danil have been very satisfied with their internship period, as proven by the fact that both have agreed to continue working at Adven.

“I feel that, at Adven, I can have an impact on the energy industry of all of Finland. The work is diverse and you learn many new things here. I would say that Adven is the best place for me right now,” Danil says, praising the company.

“In the future, I want to be an engineer who goes on-site rather than just sitting in an office. I like to solve problems. I would also like to spread the good word on Adven by helping in the orientation of new summer workers over the coming years, for example. The atmosphere has been so positive here that I would like to share it with others,” says Danil, thinking about the future.

Sari, for her part, was anxious about whether she would be able to find work at all in a completely new field at her age.

“My general working life experience in care has also helped me at Adven. Over the first months, my self-confidence has only grown. I can develop myself at Adven, if I am ready to do so,” says Sari, and she adds:

“I could not be happier.”