Kemira Chemicals

Adven develops Kemira Chemicals’ energy efficiency and process integration


In early 2018, Kemira and Adven signed a long-term co-operation agreement on energy supply. The co-operation began when Kemira Chemicals and Leppäkosken Sähkö sold the shares in the energy production plants they owned to Adven. Following the transaction, Adven took full control of the operational use and operations of both plants.

“We are thrilled that Kemira chose Adven as its energy partner. We believe in long-term co-operation and are ready to enhance Kemira’s energy efficiency through our diverse expertise,” says Ville Heikkinen, SVP, Head of Adven Finland.

Co-operation based on supplying sustainable energy solutions in a challenging environment

Adven stands out as an energy partner with previous experience in energy production in demanding industrial environments.

“We are in an excellent position to implement the most challenging energy efficiency development projects in demanding industrial environments,” says Account Manager Henrik Vasama from Adven.

“In this case, the fundamentals are largely in place, so our role is to focus on energy efficiency and process integration. For example, how can we best make use of the excess hydrogen generated as a side-stream in the process? On industrial sites, the quality of operations and availability are of utmost importance,” Vasama adds.

Waste heat for local residents

In conjunction with the transaction, the district heating network in Sastamala, Pehula also transferred to Adven.

“The Pehula heat plant uses hydrogen to produce district heating. In Joutseno, hydrogen is combusted to produce district heating for the local residents, in addition to electricity and process steam. District heating production is partly integrated with the plant’s process to allow us to make use of the waste heat,” Vasama explains.

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