Peurunka Wellness Centre converting to pellets

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Heat production for the Peurunka Wellness Centre in Central Finland was renewed due to an increased need for energy. There was also a good opportunity to make energy production more environmentally friendly, and now the center’s heating is produced using wood-based biofuel. With the new heating plant, CO2 emissions produced by heating have decreased by more than 90 per cent.

The Peurunka Wellness Centre has relied on its partnership with Adven for its heating solutions since the 1980s. Heating system in Peurunka was renewed in 2019, and thanks to the new heating plant utilizing pellet as the primary fuel, the carbon dioxide emissions from heating the spa, ice rink facilities and holiday homes have decreased by more than 90 per cent.

“We are very pleased and proud of the new solution. It supports our sustainable business and the values of many of our customers. Sustainability plays a very prominent role in tourism: it is one of the most important values today,” stresses Peurunka’s CEO, Seppo Virta.

Adven essentially renewed the centre’s heating system and doubled the plant’s heating efficiency.

The new environmentally friendly pellet plant is a care-free solution for Peurunka, as Adven provides the centre’s energy production as a service. The new solution therefore required no investments from Peurunka.

“Energy use is continuously on the rise, in one way or another. It needs to be developed and managed just like other areas. Energy solutions must be part of the strategy and at the core of the entire business,” says Virta.

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Spa hotel and ice rink heated with biofuel

The spa hotel’s main building, comprising 7,500 square metres, the 3,000–4,500 cubic metres of pool water and water used for washing, the ice rink and the holiday homes are heated using domestic wood pellets. The pellets are currently procured from the local wood-processing industry. In addition to pellets, oil was previously used for heating, but the oil boilers are now used only as a reserve energy source during peak seasons.

“Energy requirements and services play a major role for us, and Adven has responded well to those. Adven has been an active partner throughout our operations. They are constantly coming up with constructive new proposals, and together we have developed our sustainability,” says Virta.

Peurunka’s new spa building was completed in 2017. The spa entertains an average of 170,000 visitors a year. The spa includes a total of 10 pools, as well as a 130-metre water slide – one of the longest in the Nordic countries. Some 300,000 tourists visit the Peurunka area annually.

We are very pleased and proud of the new solution. It supports our sustainable business and the values of many of our customers.

Seppo Virta
CEO of Peurunka