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Adven has been working in close cooperation with Saarioinen for more than two decades now. The food industry presents energy solution challenges, as production and operations are continuously evolving. Over the years, Adven has successfully met the customer’s needs and developed Saarioinen’s heating and cooling solutions.

The way Saarioinen sees it, having an outside energy expert is nothing but a positive thing.

“Saarioinen’s and Adven’s shared history started here at the Valkeakoski factory and soon expanded to the Sahalahti and Huittinen factories,” recounts Harri Merisalo, General Manager at Saarioinen’s Valkeakoski factory.

“Nowadays, we supply heating and cooling energy for the Sahalahti factory, and heating for the Valkeakoski and Huittinen factories,” says Heikki Aarrejoki, Adven’s Account Management Director.

A partnership spanning more than 20 years

“All of our factories have grown considerably during our partnership, and Saarioinen’s operations have developed. Changes have taken place especially in environmental matters, and we have responded to those,” says Matti Tähtinen, Saarioinen’s Director of Purchasing.

The food industry itself sets challenges for energy solution planning and implementation, as production and needs often evolve in rapid cycles.

“We have developed energy production in close cooperation to be able to respond to the customer’s needs and requirements,” explains Aarrejoki.

“Factory representatives, representatives from Adven and I meet regularly twice a year. These meetings provide an excellent platform to discuss what we have done and what the results have been,” says Tähtinen.

“Adven is a good partner that has been able to flexibly adapt to our needs,” he adds.

In terms of our business, handing responsibility for energy matters over to Adven has been a very sensible solution, as it has allowed us to focus on our core business and competence.

Matti Tähtinen
Director of Purchasing, Saarioinen

A partner from outside helps to keep the focus

“It’s really great that Adven runs our partnership with a close-knit crew. It’s definitely an advantage to have one person in charge of the overall customer account, constantly keeping track of the overall picture and making sure information reaches all parties,” says a pleased Merisalo.

“Over the years, we have expanded our partnership to new factories and different forms of energy. Adven has offered development ideas, which is good, because they know the industry,” says Tähtinen.

Special needs of food-industry factories taken into account

“The Sahalahti factory in particular demanded an innovative energy solution. There, we coordinated cooling and heating energy, and the condensation heat from cold production can be utilized to generate heat,” explains Aarrejoki.

“In Huittinen, we designed a plant that serves both society and industry. Now, the same plant provides district heating for the town of Huittinen and the heat energy required by the factory,” he adds.

“We know that in the food industry we can expect changes and additional needs along the way, and of course we want to respond to them,” states Aarrejoki.

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