Biofuels replace natural gas in Staffanstorp

8th February 2024
News District heating

Adven continues its journey towards phasing out the use of fossil fuels in its district heating production in Sweden and Finland. Next in line is a reused pellet/wood chip boiler that reduces the use of natural gas in Staffanstorp.

At the beginning of December, the recycled 2.5 MW pellet/wood chip boiler was delivered to the city Staffanstorp, Sweden. The boiler, which has undergone an update and modernization, is located in the western part of Staffanstorp – in the same part where Adven sees the city growing.

“The need for sustainable energy is increasing in Staffanstorp and in the coming years we intend to increase our deliveries to nearby properties that want to convert from gas to renewable district heating. In addition, we see the potential to also deliver to planned new buildings in the area within a couple of years,” says Antonio Stanciu, Account Manager District Heating at Adven.

Two pellet silos, each with a capacity of 85 m3, complement the boiler and according to plan, it will reduce the use of natural gas in district heating production by 5 GWh/year as early as 2024. By the end of December 2023, the boiler was in operation and used pellets, which will provide major benefits – not least for the environment.

“The increased district heating capacity means that we can continue to grow in Staffanstorp as planned. At the same time, we see that we will reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions in 2024 by 1015 tonnes as we reduce the use of natural gas,” says Stefan Jägerhill, Project Manager, Adven.

Through the project, Adven continues its journey towards producing district heat from 100% renewable and recycled energy sources in Sweden and Finland.


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