Energy for IFF Group for enzyme production, and heat for the Hanko district heating network

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IFF Health & Biosciences plant in Hanko on the south coast of Finland has been Adven’s long-term customer; Adven has been the plant’s energy supplier since 1999. Adven also recovers waste heat that is fed into Hanko’s district heating network.

IFF Health & Biosciences plant in Hanko plant produces a variety of sustainable enzyme products for Home & Personal Care and Animal Nutrition markets by fermentation, recovery and formulation.

“Adven supplies energy as a service for IFF Group’s Hanko plant. We ensure uninterrupted steam production with 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance. The operational centre is located in Vantaa, but the plant operators are local, so help is always close by if needed,” says Adven’s Account Manager Jussi Hirvonen.

Local residents benefit from waste heat

Adven also operates a district heating network of about 21 kilometres in Hanko area. District heating is used, for instance, by other local industries, municipal service providers like the town hall, waterworks, fire station, health centre and many other city real estate and private customers. District heating in Hanko area is produced with domestic wood chips and by utilizing waste heat.

In practice, Adven cools the equipment of the IFF Group’s plant and utilizes the waste heat generated in the process in Hanko’s district heating network. Currently, 7% of the district heating is produced from waste heat.

“Waste heat is generated primarily from exhaust steam and the condensing heat of forced air cooling. The excess heat is fed into the Hanko district heating network, which Adven maintains and is in charge of,” explains Hirvonen.