Concept development for customers through teamwork

25th January 2022
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I am Terho Saaristo and I work as Director of Concepts in Adven Group’s concept development team and am in charge of concept development for new sales projects in the Recovery and Industrial Energy businesses in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

Our concept development team plans solutions for customers to boost their energy and water processes, without any of the limits imposed by technology, equipment or fuel choices. The solutions aim to increase the efficiency of client companies’ energy usage and reduce their emissions and waste.

Multitude of possibilities when planning and implementing energy concepts

At Adven, I get to be involved in planning the concept solutions and in following up on the implementation of the solutions and the operation of the functional plant.

There is a multitude of possibilities since we do not examine and implement just small parts of processes or use a certain technology. The broad scope of our business also makes the work challenging at times, but at the same time my competence is constantly increasing.



I am involved in customer meetings often right from the start of the sales project, discussing customer needs with the sales managers.

Projects are reviewed and analyzed as broadly as possible: are there areas in the customer’s process that could potentially be optimized – areas the customer has not even thought about asking to be optimized.

Wide-ranging competence and projects in a cross-border team

Concept development is about reviewing the processes related to energy production and usage with a sufficiently broad view and constantly maintaining one’s competence and expertise. There is no need for an individual working in concept development to try to master everything expertly. We always strive to take advantage of the entire team’s competence when we look into wide-ranging projects.

Our team of experts is based in several countries, so making the best use of everyone’s know-how in different projects calls for an active approach from me as the team manager. It is important to hold regular meetings and create a tight-knit atmosphere where everyone in the team supports one another.

My goal is to build a cohesive team where know-how is at the disposal of every one of our experts. It is vital to have cross-border cooperation and mutual support between the concept development team members.

It also helps simplify the development processes when we take home the lessons learned from different projects.

When we successfully implement a solution for one customer, we may also be able to apply it to other plants.

What makes Adven an energizing place to work?

Although I’m mainly involved in the early stages of the investment project, I get to see all the stages from the initial idea to a fully functional plant. This enables continuous learning, since feedback and support come from both the project team and production.

We are not bound to a single technology; we always seek the technology that is best for the customer, which makes planning challenging and fulfilling.

Adven is growing at good rate, and expanding the company’s offering brings new, interesting opportunities.