Geoenergy solutions for large properties

Renewable geoenergy for heating and cooling of large properties

Adven is a forerunner in realizing geoenergy solutions for large properties, such as shopping centers, logistic centers, city centers, tourist and holiday resorts. Geoenergy enables renewable, stable and financially sensible heating and cooling solution. It is an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions and implement green value actions. Learn more about the benefits of Adven’s geoenergy!

How does geoenergy work?

Geothermal energy or geoenergy is solar energy stored in the soil and can be extracted from the bedrock or from the surface of the soil. Using heat-pump technology, the energy stored in the bedrock can be efficiently utilized both to heating and cooling, depending on the time of the year. Geowells are drilled into the bedrock, which operates like a battery: the heat stored in it during the summer can be used during the heating season. The electricity needed for production can be generated using green electricity at a predictable price.

Geoenergy suits for existing and new buildings

Geoenergy can be implemented in both new constructions and existing buildings. The energy solution consist of geowells and a energy plant. On new constructions, geowells are usually drilled directly under the building, while for existing properties they can be drilled for example under parking lots or in garages. Adven has experience in providing geoenergy solutions to historical buildings as well as new urban centers. Geoenergy can also be combined with other energy forms such as solar energy. Read about the hybrid energy solutions.

Why to choose Adven’s geoenergy?

1. Predictable and transparent energy costs

The price of geoenergy is not tied to the market price of fuels, which makes it transparent for the full contractual period. Energy costs can be reduced from day one.

2. Sustainability: geoenergy is an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions

Geoenergy solutions significantly reduce the carbon footprint of properties and can make them completely CO2 neutral.

3. Self-sufficiency and improved energy efficiency

Energy is always sourced and produced locally and in close proximity to the properties, which improves energy efficiency.

4. Care-free: Adven takes care of the investment and the plant’s operation

In Adven’s Energy as a Service® -concept, the customer doesn’t need to invest in the energy solution or in building the geoenergy field. Adven develops, builds, owns and operates the geoenergy plant.

5. Increased property value

Geoenergy makes buildings more attractive not only to investors and tenants, but also to the visitors and customers. It helps properties to get green building certificates and higher LEED rating levels (LEED, BREEAM).

How do we operate?

Energy as a Service® is our operational model for your benefit

Through Energy as a Service® model Adven assumes the responsibility throughout the entire value chain, from designing and implementation to operating and maintaining the facility, not to mention 24/7 monitoring and continuous development.

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Holistic analysis forms the basis for the design of your solution.

Build and own

Investment is made on your behalf with full responsibility for the project implementation.

Operate and maintain

Reliability of the energy supply is always secured by 24/7 remote monitoring and over dedicated 250 field specialists.


Continuous development is in the core succeeding in changing needs.

Adven’s know-how in operating the facility assured us. They are a peak performing actor in their field and can make sure that the facility is used efficiently.
Marko Liimatainen
Real Estate Director, DB Schenker Oy

Timo Koljonen

VP, Geoenergy