Solutions for municipalities and utility owners

Reliability, efficiency and sustainability of energy supply

Many municipal energy companies and utility asset owners are currently looking into ways to develop their district heating services to meet the needs of local businesses and residents. Companies struggle with the pressure of increasing fuel prices, management of aging energy assets as well as the demand by the society for greener energy production. Is it a good idea for the asset owners to manage all this by themselves, or is there a cleverer way?

Utility asset owners like municipalities that partner up in their energy production have more opportunities to influence their energy production and the cost of it, through various cooperation models that may vary from whole sale and joint ventures up to full-scale partnership with reliable energy production, continuous asset management with investments as well as customer service.

Reliable energy supply

Reliability of energy supply is the focal point for municipalities and utility asset owners. Security of supply is our highest priority and through continuous remote monitoring and a wide network of energy specialists across the countries the processes are kept flowing. Underlying cost benefits arise from fuel procurement in higher volumes and in many cases utilization of excess heat from local industries.

Sustainable energy for local businesses and residents

Adven has a wealth of experience in energy efficiency, renewable biofuels and developing municipal energy production. Fossil fuels have been largely replaced by carbon-neutral wood-based fuels or other biofuels. This has led to a positive result in declining carbon footprint: For instance, in Finland the CO2 emissions in district heating networks, in proportion to the sold energy, are 61% lower than eight years ago. Adven has also set the target of reducing 200,000 tons of CO2 from the planet from its own and customers operations in the next five years.

Continuous developments in energy supply

When a municipality or asset owner assigns its energy production to Adven, what does this mean in practice? It means that the money that is tied up in energy infrastructure is re-allocated and can used in other investment needs. In addition, Adven assumes overall responsibility for the energy production: the required investments, the environment, emissions, operation and maintenance, energy efficiency and, of course, operational reliability and possible risks.

How do we operate?

Energy as a Service® is our operational model for your benefit

Through Energy as a Service® model Adven assumes the responsibility throughout the entire value chain, from designing and implementation to operating and maintaining the facility, not to mention 24/7 monitoring and continuous development.

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Holistic analysis forms the basis for the design of your solution.

Build and own

Investment is made on your behalf with full responsibility for the project implementation.

Operate and maintain

Reliability of the energy supply is always secured by 24/7 remote monitoring and over dedicated 250 field specialists.


Continuous development is in the core succeeding in changing needs.

This is an excellent example of co-operation and a positive cycle where products from our county’s forests can be transformed into a stable and environmentally friendly source of heat for Mora. Working in the long term, sustainability and care for the local community are important values that we share with Adven and that form the basis of our co-operation.
Jon Hansson
Siljan Group, CEO

Olavi Raunio

VP, Industrial Sales