Metal, Mineral & Mining industries

Leading industrial energy and water expertise for Metal, Mineral & Mining industries

Metal, Mineral and Mining industries are consuming significant quantities of water for various purposes like an enrichment. The process water should be purified and handled sustainably so that valuable chemicals and minerals can be extracted from it. In addition, molten metal creates a lot of waste heat that has a huge potential for re-use. Solutions such as industrial water treatment and material and side stream recovery, can create significant cost savings, not to mention the positive environmental impact. When Adven takes care of the investment, both businesses and the environment win.

Solutions for Metal, Mineral & Mining industries

When the amount of waste heat and water is high, there is also an immense potential for cost savings and emission reductions with solutions that incorporate water treatment, energy efficiency, and efficient use of side streams. In addition to this, companies in Metal, Mineral and Mining industries can gain new business opportunities through efficient side stream recovery.

How do we operate?

Energy as a Service® is our operational model for your benefit

Through Energy as a Service® model Adven assumes the responsibility throughout the entire value chain, from designing and implementation to operating and maintaining the facility, not to mention 24/7 monitoring and continuous development.

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Holistic analysis forms the basis for the design of your solution.

Build and own

Investment is made on your behalf with full responsibility for the project implementation.

Operate and maintain

Reliability of the energy supply is always secured by 24/7 remote monitoring and over dedicated 250 field specialists.


Continuous development is in the core succeeding in changing needs.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. This is a significant amount of energy loss that can now be recovered.
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