Efficient industrial energy production

More sustainable energy production and efficient energy use

Both industrial energy supply and industrial water treatment are under major changes. Driving forces for this change being sustainability, energy efficiency and reuse of substances. With almost 40 years of experience and the most reference cases we can claim ourselves to be the leading supplier of sustainable industrial energy services in our field. With Adven’s holistic approach our customers get an understanding how we could run our customers’ processes as energy efficiently and sustainably as possible. Let’s reveal your opportunities!

Efficient energy production

Industrial steam and hot water production

Probably the most common energy supply for industrial processes is related to the need of industrial steam and hot water. Even the basic supply can today be realized in an efficient manner enabling both savings through lower total energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. Since the volume of steam often is a major cost component for process industries, companies are looking for ways to improve the situation. Also, when production grows, more steam capacity is often needed, which is often resolved by investing in new facility. Yet, through a holistic view, opportunities to capture heat and recover excess steam for reuse in processes can easily be adopted. As a result, the need of steam can be decreased even up to 40%.

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Industrial cooling and cold production

Industrial cold production needs vary from fridge and freezer temperatures depending on the needs. Natural coolants, ammonia and carbon dioxide, are typically used in the cold production. The heat coming from the cooling process can also be recovered by using heat pumps and directed for instance into the low-temperature network instead of being released to the outdoors. The key for the energy solution in industrial cooling and cold production is that the energy generated by the cooling process is utilised as effectively as possible. Adven has more than two decades of experience in operating industrial cooling and cold production for its customers.

Thermal energy recovery

The urge to recover excess energy at industrial operations is clearly increasing. The underlying aim is to reduce emissions and, to save on energy production costs. Capturing heat from the existing processes can either cover the growing energy needs or replace current energy production, often done with fossil fuels. The recovered heat can be reused in the company’s own processes as well as processed further to be utilized in the heating of the nearby facilities. Efficient recovery of thermal energy offers clear cost savings and promotes sustainable values.

Heating of facilities

Typically, when steam or hot water is supplied for industrial processes, same energy is utilized in the heating of the industrial facilities or other real estates in the same location. Should the required infra be available, even entire cities or municipalities can get the energy for their district heating networks from a single industrial energy setup. Heating can be provided for thousands of business premises and private households.

How do we operate?

Energy as a Service® is our operational model for your benefit

Through Energy as a Service® model Adven assumes the responsibility throughout the entire value chain, from designing and implementation to operating and maintaining the facility, not to mention 24/7 monitoring and continuous development.

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Holistic analysis forms the basis for the design of your solution.

Build and own

Investment is made on your behalf with full responsibility for the project implementation.

Operate and maintain

Reliability of the energy supply is always secured by 24/7 remote monitoring and over dedicated 250 field specialists.


Continuous development is in the core succeeding in changing needs.

Energy prices are volatile and there is a significant political risk for the future. This agreement ensures Arctic Paper Munkedal’s long-term competitiveness through lower, more stable and predictable energy costs, it will also strongly reduce our environmental footprint
Michal Jarczyński
CEO of Arctic Paper S.A.

Olavi Raunio

VP, Industrial Sales