Harriniva Hotels & Safaris

Heating of Harriniva Hotels and Safaris was changed from heavy fuel oil to geoenergy

Changing oil heating to geoenergy heating saves about 200 000 litres of heavy fuel oil in a year at Harriniva Hotels and Safaris. ”We were looking for a more environmental friendly solution to replace oil. We also anticipate savings in the use of electricity, as parts of our properties were heated by direct electric heating”, says Development Manager and Partner Niina Pietikänen at Harriniva Hotels and Safaris.

Harriniva Hotels and Safaris, located in Muonio, Lapland, is a tourist attraction established in 1973. Company provides full scale adventure services throughout the year.

”Our basic idea is to show the true wilderness of Lapland.”

Harriniva-chain consists of two hotels, cottages, cabins in the wilderness, Aurora Dome luxury tents, snow igloo hotel just as well as a reindeer farm and one of the world’s largest sled dog centers.

Geoenergy ensures heating also in minus 40 degrees Celsius

In the Muonio area temperatures may vary from plus 20 degrees Celcius in the summer, up to minus 40 degrees Celcius in the winter. Harriniva’s peak season is winter, which creates extra requirements for the heating. A greener heating solution was seeked after for some time, a feasible option was not easy to find.

”Definite options were not many. In these circumstances heating must be truly reliable.”

Adven was able to meet with Harriniva’s requirements of a reliable and environmentally friendly energy solution. Cooperation started in 2015 and in the following summer the geo wells were drilled.

”Total 14 kilometers of geoenergy wells were drilled in the ground. That was a lot of drilling, but the construction phase went smoothly and did not disturb the customers. There were very difficult ground layers to get through, but in the end, everything went well.”

Small-risk entry – energy as a service

”The most important reason for us to change to geoenergy was the reliability and sustainability of the heating solution. Another reason to start the cooperation with Adven was that we did not have to invest in the system, and that offered us a small-risk entry.”

Adven provides Harriniva’s energy as a service. If Harriniva chooses, they can redeem the system in the future.

”Geoenergy has worked well for us and I bet the customer have not noticed any difference to the previous. We have kept them warm!” Pietikäinen laughs.

”I warmly recommend geoenergy to anybody who owns large real-estates. After all, it is modern age. And, if it works in our arctic circumstances, I bet it works anywhere.”

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