Citycon Lippulaiva

“Geoenergy is the greenest and most economical solution”

Citycon’s Lippulaiva shopping centre is currently under construction in Espoo. Lippulaiva’s geoenergy solution will make the shopping centre almost carbon-neutral and self-sufficient in terms of both heating and cooling. Citycon is realising the project in co-operation with Adven, who is investing in the energy plant.

“Geoenergy is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. This is, in many respects, an environmental deed: reducing the carbon footprint to a fraction of what it was is a win-win for everyone involved. It can also enhance people’s enjoyment of the surrounding environment, since the shopping centre is, after all, situated in the middle of a residential area,” says Citycon Project Director Heikki Alén.

A geoenergy solution eliminates the need for condensers, which are normally located on the roofs of shopping centres, thus freeing up space for roof gardens, solar panels or lounge areas.

“It also puts an end to the noise issues caused by the condensers,” Alén points out.

The geoenergy solution will help make Lippulaiva almost entirely energy self-sufficient.

“The shopping centre will initially generate roughly 90% of its energy needs, potentially reaching 100% self-sufficiency at some point. This is certainly exceptional,” says Alén.

Green values and predictable energy prices will attract lessees.

“It is strategically important for Citycon to develop the energy efficiency of shopping centres, and likewise to find solutions that reduce their carbon footprint,” says Alén.

Green values also on the minds of shopping centre lessees and customers

“A shopping centre’’s energy solutions do matter. This type of site appeals to lessees, as it is important to stay on top of – to be ahead of – the trends,” stresses Alén.

Drilling of the geoenergy wells began in the beginning of May 2017 and continued until 2018. The work pace has followed the construction schedule of the new Lippulaiva shopping centre.

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