Experience Factory Lappari

Experience Factory Lappari utilises a hybrid energy solution combining several types of heating

Adven designed a special energy solution for Experience Factory Lappari, a Finnish leisure centre located in northern Finland. The system utilises a combination of geothermal energy, district heating and energy extracted from the river Tornio. Adven estimated this hybrid model to be the most sustainable way of heating and cooling the old brewery complex housing the centre. Lappari’s Managing Director Veli-Matti Mykkälä is exceptionally satisfied with the partnership, as it provides access to climate-friendly energy without a considerable increase in overhead.

Lappari has a large floor area, amounting to approximately 14,000 square metres. Not only did the old brewery require refurbishment, but also its heating and cooling systems were long overdue for an update. The refurbishment alone constituted an extensive initial investment, prompting Mykkälä to look into the solution offered by Adven. He was intrigued: the required energy could be procured as a service, which meant that the company would pay only for the energy produced without having to invest in equipment.

“We considered what would be the most sensible way of heating our new premises at a reasonable price already very early on in the project. Adven had previously tailored energy solutions for local tourism businesses and, based on this, we initiated negotiations with the company,” Mykkälä says.

A hybrid solution that utilises existing and new systems

“In Lappari, energy is produced using a hybrid model: we use both geothermal energy extracted from the bedrock and thermal energy extracted using water source heat pumps immersed in the river Tornio. This is supplemented by heat from the local district heating network. Adven combines these sources and delivers the required heating and cooling to Lappari as a turnkey service,” says Timo Koljonen, VP, Geoenergy at Adven Group.

The Lapin Kulta brewery, which used to operate on the premises, had already laid pipes to the river Tornio, which now have a new life as part of Adven’s energy solution. The water source heat pumps provided by Uponor allow the building to be heated and cooled by pumping thermal energy to and from the river. Additionally, Adven drilled geowells into the bedrock, which allowed the company to incorporate geothermal heating and cooling into the system.

“This is a great system, as it works in two directions: in winter, we can extract heat from the soil whereas in summer, we can cool the premises without using additional air conditioners,” says Project Manager Lasse Aitamaa from Adven.

Plans to further increase the share of geothermal energy in the mix

“We have a lot of other local projects in the works for the coming years. We believe that we’ll be able to get even more out of this model as we expand our operations in this region,” Mykkälä says.

According to Aitamaa, there is still room for further development in the old brewery complex. “We have plans to further increase the share of geothermal energy in the mix. The building still has a lot of empty space, which will be taken into use at a later date. This means that we’ll need to increase our capacity to meet the energy requirements of any future services,” Aitamaa says.

By engaging Adven, we gained a partner with green values, helping us with a wide variety of energy-related matters. Thanks to their efforts, our operations are now more ecological.
Veli-Matti Mykkälä
Managing Director, Experience Factory Lappari

“By engaging Adven, we received a partner with green values, helping us with a wide variety of energy-related matters. Thanks to their efforts, our operations are now more ecological,” Mykkälä concludes.

Experience Factory Lappari

Experience Factory Lappari can be summed up as 14,000 square metres of fun: a comfortable living room and an activity centre providing experiences for the entire family. Lappari is located right in the centre of Tornio, the northernmost town in Finland, less than a kilometre from the Swedish border. The old brewery building houses an activity park, 200-seat restaurant, microbrewery, fitness suite, concert venue, escape game room, laser tag arena, indoor golf suite and an indoor tennis court. www.lappari.fi/lappari-en/

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