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Energy for IFF Group for enzyme production, and heat for the Hanko district heating network

IFF Health & Biosciences plant in Hanko on the south coast of Finland has been Adven’s long-term customer; Adven has been the plant’s energy supplier since 1999. Adven also recovers waste heat that is fed into Hanko’s district heating network. Adven is also planning to build a biogas plant next to…

Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper
Estonian Plywood

Sustainable and efficient production for Estonian plywood factory ESTPLY

Adven has started to produce steam from biomass for Estonian Plywood AS factory located in the Estonian countryside in Viruvere. The plywood factory has created a positive effect on the local economy with over 150 new working places. The first phase of the construction kicked off by the frame agreement…

Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper Evaporation ...

Reducing Kotkamills’ environmental load through evaporation and chemical recycling

Finnish forest industry company Kotkamills relies on Adven’s evaporation and chemical recycling in its production process. The black liquor evaporation solution implemented by Adven is estimated to be the most energy efficient in its class in the world. Kotkamills and Adven have plans to further develop the recycling process, and…

Industries Metals, Minerals & Mining Energy production

CO2 emissions of Terrafame’s energy production will drop by 9,000 tonnes

Terrafame and Adven will collaborate to reduce the annual CO2 emissions of the energy production at Sotkamo mine by almost 9,000 tonnes. A drop of more than 90% in emissions is expected to be reflected in practice in the emission levels of 2021. The new energy plant, the recovering of…

Industries Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Material and side stream recovery

The collaboration between Cytiva and Adven on energy recovery enables fulfilment of environmental requirements and saves energy

Cytiva (formerly part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences) is a leading global medicine and pharmaceutical company operating in approx. 40 countries with a large production site in Uppsala, Sweden. For more than 100 years, the company has provided significant innovations and solutions in the healthcare field. Since the summer of…

Industries Energy production
Peurunka Wellness Centre

Peurunka Wellness Centre: Converting to pellets reduced CO2 emissions by more than 90%

Heat production for the Peurunka Wellness Centre in Central Finland was renewed due to an increased need for energy. There was also a good opportunity to make energy production more environmentally friendly, and now the centre’s heating is produced using wood-based biofuel. With the new heating plant, CO2 emissions produced…

Industries Evaporation Industrial water treatment
Biokraft AS

Biokraft’s biogas production made more sustainable and competitive thanks to Adven’s evaporation solution

The world’s largest site for liquified biogas production is operated by the Norwegian company Biokraft and the factory is located in outside of Trondheim. Today, their production replaces the use of fossil fuels which equals a saving in carbon dioxide emissions of 30,000 tonnes per year. As Adven is evaporating…

Industries Food & Beverage Energy production
Orkla Group Panda

Orkla Group’s Panda sweets are made with 2,500 tonnes fewer emissions

One of the biggest factors influencing the carbon footprint of food products is the emissions arising from the factory’s energy production. The liquorice and other sweets of Panda, part of the Orkla Group, are produced with low emissions. The energy solution implemented by Adven generates steam for the factory and…

Industries Utilities District heating
Mora, Sweden

District heating co-operation in Mora benefits both the climate and local players

The district heating network in Mora, Sweden, is Adven’s largest network. With its capacity of 107 GWh (2018), the network provides heating for 600 households and over 270 companies in the locality. The district heating is based on 99% renewable and recovered fuel. One of the customers in Mora is…