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Biokraft AS

Biokraft’s biogas production made more sustainable and competitive thanks to Adven’s evaporation solution

The world’s largest site for liquified biogas production is operated by the Norwegian company Biokraft and the factory is located in outside of Trondheim. Today, their production replaces the use of fossil fuels which equals a saving in carbon dioxide emissions of 30,000 tonnes per year. As Adven is evaporating…

Industries Industrial water treatment
Nammo Vihtavuori

Water consumption at Nammo propellant plant cut in half with Adven’s energy solution

Adven produces steam and heat for the needs of Nammo’s propellant plant in Vihtavuori, Central Finland, mainly using domestic fuels. With closed water cycles, the plant’s water consumption was cut in half and previously wasted heat is recovered and used in the area’s district heating network. The amount of heat…