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Industries Food & Beverage Energy production
Orkla Group Panda

Orkla Group’s Panda sweets are made with 2,500 tonnes fewer emissions

One of the biggest factors influencing the carbon footprint of food products is the emissions arising from the factory’s energy production. The liquorice and other sweets of Panda, part of the Orkla Group, are produced with low emissions. The energy solution implemented by Adven generates steam for the factory and…

Industries Food & Beverage Energy production

Tailored and sustainable energy for Valio plants

Adven produces heating and cooling for eleven plants operated by Valio across Finland. In terms of energy production, each facility has its individual considerations and requirements. Consequently, meeting the customer’s production standards has been a key consideration in Adven’s design, resource allocation and planning projects. One goal has remained the…

Industries Food & Beverage Energy production
Saarioinen Oy

Adven a partner in implementing and developing energy solutions for food industry company Saarioinen

Adven has been working in close cooperation with Saarioinen for more than two decades now. The food industry presents energy solution challenges, as production and operations are continuously evolving. Over the years, Adven has successfully met the customer’s needs and developed Saarioinen’s heating and cooling solutions. The way Saarioinen sees…