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Energy for IFF Group for enzyme production, and heat for the Hanko district heating network

IFF Health & Biosciences plant in Hanko on the south coast of Finland has been Adven’s long-term customer; Adven has been the plant’s energy supplier since 1999. Adven also recovers waste heat that is fed into Hanko’s district heating network. Adven is also planning to build a biogas plant next to…

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Industries Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Material and side stream recovery

The collaboration between Cytiva and Adven on energy recovery enables fulfilment of environmental requirements and saves energy

Cytiva (formerly part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences) is a leading global medicine and pharmaceutical company operating in approx. 40 countries with a large production site in Uppsala, Sweden. For more than 100 years, the company has provided significant innovations and solutions in the healthcare field. Since the summer of…

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Industries Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Evaporation
IFF, FinnFeeds Finland Oy

IFF FinnFeeds Finland: new evaporation method reduced plant’s energy consumption by a third

The Naantali plant of FinnFeeds Finland Oy, part of IFF company, has succeeded in reducing its use of steam by close to 40 per cent, simultaneously radically reducing its carbon footprint. Total energy consumption has fallen at the plant by around 30 per cent. The evaporation method developed by Adven…

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Kemira Chemicals

Adven develops Kemira Chemicals’ energy efficiency and process integration

In early 2018, Kemira and Adven signed a long-term co-operation agreement on energy supply. The co-operation began when Kemira Chemicals and Leppäkosken Sähkö sold the shares in the energy production plants they owned to Adven. Following the transaction, Adven took full control of the operational use and operations of both…

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