Prysmian Group aims for zero-emissions and renewable energy

14th November 2021
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Adven will replace natural gas with renewable bioenergy at the Prysmian cable plant in Pikkala, Finland. Adven will realize a bioenergy plant for this, which will be commissioned in early 2022. Pikkala bioenergy plant has several environmental benefits and as a result, the CO2 emissions of Prysmian plant also from heating will drop to zero. A substantial part of Prysmian’s wooden drums and other wooden packing materials will be reused at the end of their life cycle in heating energy production, making Pikkala a fully NetZero plant.

The Pikkala production plant will be the first NetZero plant of the Prysmian Group’s more than 100 factories. As a result of the bioenergy supplied by Adven, the plant’s CO2 emissions of approximately 2,500 tonnes will drop to zero. In addition, the plant emphasizes circular economy, as a significant number of wooden cable drums and pallets from factory’s operations at the end of their life cycle are crushed into wood chips, and now, for the first time, those will be utilized in Pikkala site’s own energy production.

– We wanted to become the Group’s first NetZero plant, probably also the first in the cable industry. Pikkala is not only the centre of excellence for submarine cable in Prysmian Group but also provider of high-, medium- and low-voltage cables and one of the biggest contributors to Energy Transition, says the CEO of the Prysmian Group Finland Oy, Borjan Sehovac.

– Prysmian Group is the only pure cable maker included in the most recognized sustainability index at the global level, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which covers over 3,400 companies. So, we are committed in achieving our sustainability goals. In Finland and in many other countries worldwide, sustainability is becoming even more important – several of our customers are asking how sustainable our cables are – and now we can proudly answer that the cables are produced in a fully green plant.

The construction of the bioenergy plant is part of Adven’s ambitious emission reduction target

Adven and Prysmian have a long-term partnership of over 35 years. At Prysmian’s Pikkala site, Adven has been supplying district heating since 1986. Now fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable bioenergy.

– Prysmian Group is one of our longest-standing customers. Now, the partnership is taken to the next level as we work together to find a solution that can meet their sustainability goals. In addition to the environmental benefits, the agreement also generates annual savings, says Adven’s Sales Manager Leo Toivonen.

Adven’s target is to reduce our own and our customers’ CO2 emissions by 200 000 tonnes by 2024. As a company, we can help our customers with their environmental goals and at the same time meet the goal of our own strategy.

About Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry. With almost 140 years of experience, sales of over €11 billion, about 29,000 employees in over 50 countries and 106 plants, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how. Prysmian is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index.

Prysmian Group offers the widest cable portfolio in the Finnish market. Prysmian Group Finland Oy employs more than 500 people and has factories in Pikkala, Kirkkonummi, and Rusko, Oulu. The high-end Prysmian and Draka brand products have given the company the reputation of pioneer and forerunner as a provider of high technology cables and solutions. With its more than 100 years of history, it is the oldest and biggest cable factory in Finland and has an important role in the Finnish industry.