September 23, 2019

Valio is curbing its use of oil and peat – bio-based fuels will cut emissions by 17,000 tonnes a year

Adven is delivering an entirely new boiler plant to Valio’s Seinäjoki plant, bringing an additional four megawatts of power. The new bio boiler plant will reduce the plant’s use of oil and peat, which in turn will cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 15,000 tonnes a year. The emissions of the Pitäjänmäki juice plant in Helsinki will decrease by more than 2,000 tonnes.

Adven delivers energy solutions and operates energy plants at Valio’s production facilities throughout Finland. This year, the co-operation with the Seinäjoki production plant will be widened when its growing need for energy is met with a new 4-megawatt boiler plant. The Pitäjänmäki contract will be extended, and a new 2-megawatt bio-energy plant will be built for production.

“Operational reliability is extremely important to us, and Adven has supplied heat to Seinäjoki very reliably. We must be able to receive milk at all times, so breaks are out of the question. Important aspects affecting the selection of an energy partner are, of course, the profitability of the projects and, to an increasing degree, sustainability,” says Valio’s Energy Manager, Peter Fabritius.

“Valio’s long-term goal is to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint throughout the production chain by 2035. Transitioning towards emission-free fuels in heat production is consistent with this strategy,” he says.

The new boiler plant in Seinäjoki will produce energy using locally sourced wood-based biofuels. This will significantly reduce the amount of oil used. At Pitäjänmäki, energy used to be produced with natural gas. The new energy plant will mainly use biofuels. Both of these changes will help Valio reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

“We estimate that with the increased use of biofuels, the emissions of Valio’s Seinäjoki production plant will decrease further by 15,000 tonnes per year. This is the equivalent of the annual CO2 emissions of approximately 6,000 passenger cars,” says Adven’s Account Manager Jari Ojala.

For Valio’s Pitäjänmäki production plant, the emissions reduction is estimated at 2,200 tonnes per year.

Long-term partnership between Valio and Adven

Among the products produced at Valio’s Seinäjoki plant are butter, milk powder, Valio Oivariini® spreads, quark, cottage cheese and nutritional drinks. It is one of Valio’s most diverse production plants and among its largest in terms of milk-processing volume. Operating in connection with the production plant is Valio’s laboratory where, for example, the milk that arrives at the plant is analysed. The Pitäjänmäki plant produces various juices and kissel.

“Together with the people at Valio, we saw an opportunity to reduce emissions at both the Seinäjoki and Pitäjänmäki plants. We are very happy to be part of building future carbon-neutral production processes for them. Our job is to make sure that the customer can always focus 100% on their core business,” stresses Ville Heikkinen, SVP, Head of Adven Finland.

Additional information:

Valio Oy, Peter Fabritius, Energy Manager,, tel. +358 10 381 2478

Adven, Jari Ojala, Customer Account Manager,, +358 50 452 5664

Adven, Ville Heikkinen, SVP, Head of Adven Finland,, +358 40 584 6926

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