February 2, 2021

Municipal energy company Trelleborgs Energi and Adven conclude a collaboration agreement to develop the city’s district heating

Trelleborgs Energi AB has signed a collaboration agreement with Adven stating that Adven will produce all district heating in Trelleborg, Sweden’s southernmost city, over the next 20 years. Adven will take over the ownership of existing production sites and build new plants needed to cover the growing need for district heating as the city grows and network expands. Through the agreement Trelleborgs Energi commit to buying all their district heating from Adven the coming 20 years.

Magnus Sahlin, CEO of Trelleborgs Energi AB, is very pleased with the agreement.

“This is a clear win-win situation. Even though we have done a good job ourselves when building and expanding our district heating operations in Trelleborg, we can’t compete with bigger actors. The new Adven/Värmevärden Group operates about 50 district heating networks in Sweden and have through that a much better fuel procurement, a more effective on-call duty organization and last but not least a whole other level of technical expertise that what we can’t maintain in Trelleborg. This means that Adven can produce and develop a sustainable district heating much more cost efficient than what we could do ourselves. With this agreement we secure a continuous attractive district heating price for our citizens,” says Magnus Sahlin.

Along with the responsibility for the sales and market development Trelleborgs Energi also continues as the owner of the distribution network. This means that the company to a greater extent than before will be able to focus on customer and market aspects.

“With strong experience and local presence in the region we are happy to get to develop the district heating in Trelleborg together with the municipality, it’s good for us and for the end customers. We are especially proud of the fact that Trelleborg Energi have set requirements to develop the district heating to become 100 percent renewable. Realising high sustainability ambitions is very much in line with our strategy. We look forward to building a local organization supported by the expertise we hold within the group,” says Henrik Johansson Casimiro, CEO of Adven Sweden.

Trelleborg. Photo: Niclas Ingvarsson

Long-term cooperation

As soon as the cooperation with Trelleborgs Energi has been initiated Adven will begin the construction and implementation of a new 10 MW bio oil plant. Further, in 2025 the latest a new 15 MW wood chip boiler will be in operation. The capacity expansion is needed to meet the growing need for heating in the municipality.

“I am pleased to have a company like Adven investing in our municipality and believing in Trelleborg. The agreement has big benefits for the municipal residents,” says Mikael Rubin, Chairman of the Municipal Board in Trelleborg.

Anders Ericsson, Group CEO of Adven and Värmevärden, is also pleased with the agreement:

“We are happy that the municipality of Trelleborg has chosen us in their long-term work to continue to develop sustainable district heating for their citizens. It shows our strength as a new combined group and as a leading supplier of district heating and industrial energy solutions. We have a long experience of collaborations with municipalities in different forms, and this shows that the path we have chosen gains trust and is successful,” says Anders Ericsson.

For further information:

Magnus Sahlin, vd Trelleborgs Energi AB, magnus.sahlin@trelleborg.se, +46 734 42 25 73.

Henrik Johansson Casimiro, vd Adven Sverige, henrik.johanssoncasimiro@adven.com, +46 730 49 93 21.

About the Adven/Värmevärden Group

Adven/Värmevärden is a new energy group whose common journey towards becoming the leading actor within sustainable energy solutions started during 2020. Together our 520 employees supply sustainable district heating and geoenergy to several real estate types as well as steam, heating, cooling, and related infrastructure solutions to industries. With more than 50 years of experience within the energy sector the group today operates around 350 sites in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

About Trelleborgs Energi

Trelleborgs Energi is a modern energy company aiming for the future. We work sustainably, innovatively, and locally to make our customers environmental heroes, our owners proud and to develop Trelleborg to become Sweden’s most climate-smart city.

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