December 19, 2019

These were the most interesting articles of 2019 – Savings, circular economy and low-carbon energy production at the top

Are you wondering how to save money on energy production or in wastewater treatment, how to meet growing environmental demands or how to generate additional revenue from industrial side streams? You are not alone. Here are our top ten articles from 2019.

1. Mirka, a world leader in surface finishing products, will recycle heat and water more efficiently at its production plant. How will Mirka save about 40 thousand cubic meters of water each year?

2. Almost all industries produce side streams and these side streams can be harnessed for reuse or processed further into products than can even be sold. Water has received less attention as a side stream than heat. What kind of other industrial side streams could be recovered and even resold?

3. The European paper producer Arctic Paper will reduce CO2-emissions significantly for the paper mill in Munkedal, Sweden. How will the company ensure lower, more stable and predictable energy costs in the future?

4. Over the past seven years (2012–2018), Adven has succeeded in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from its energy production by 41 per cent – despite the dramatic growth in the volume of energy we produce. How did we succeed?

5. Finnish dairy manufacturer Valio will reduce the use of oil and peat, which in turn will cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 17,000 tonnes a year. Read about the co-operation between Valio and Adven.

6. The investment costs of Terrafame’s Sotkamo battery chemicals plant are approximately EUR 240 million. How will the plant’s energy production be managed?

7. A shopping centre in Turku’s (Åbo) Skanssi area switched to geoenergy service in spring 2019 and will substantially reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 90 per cent. How was the largest geoenergy solution for a shopping centre in Europe done?

8. One of the world’s most energy-efficient black liquor evaporation plants employing MVR technology is currently being built in forest industry company Kotkamills’ pulp mill. How is the project progressing?

9. Finland’s largest building and one of the ten largest buildings in the world is S-Group’s logistics centre in Finland. Over 30 % of all grocery and consumer products in Finland pass through the centre. Learn more about the hybrid energy solution.

10. Adven is now a full-scope service provider of sustainable energy and water solutions in Sweden. In 2014 Adven Sweden was just a small company with four employees offering geoenergy solutions. How did our growth happen in Sweden?

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