April 29, 2021

The collaboration with Adven enables major energy transition at Arctic Paper’s mill in Munkedal

Adven is starting construction of a new energy plant at Arctic Paper’s paper mill in Munkedal, Sweden.  The new cooperation will ensure a stable and competitive energy supply at the mill and drastically reduce the environmental impact. “We are happy that Adven wants to invest together with us. A secure energy supply creates a stable foundation for the future,” says Göran Lindqvist, Site Manager at Arctic Paper in Munkedal.

Site manager Göran Lindqvist explains that plans to change steam production at the mill have been in place for a long time.

“We have recently commissioned our new hydropower plant, and now it is finally time to change steam production and replace natural gas,” says Göran Lindqvist.

“We are pleased to have been entrusted with implementing this plant, thereby contributing to a reduced environmental impact and strengthening the mill’s competitiveness. We want to be exactly this kind of partner for industry,” says Henrik Johansson Casimiro, CEO of Adven Sweden.

Adven Arctic Paper Munkedal

Environmental benefits and flexibility for the future

Adven will build, and once commissioned, also own and operate a steam boiler plant with a capacity to deliver 30 MW. Instead of natural gas och electricity the plant will be operated on industrial waste products that cannot be used in any other way, such as wood, paper and plastic. The plant will also be able to utilise other types of fuels in the future. The transition is estimated to reduce the annual CO2 emissions of energy production by almost 30,000 tonnes. 

“We are humble towards what the future holds. With the new boiler, we get both an immediate environmental benefit and also flexibility that enables us to adapt to a changing world,” says Lindqvist.

“Environmental investments like this are essential and crucial for our future. It is evident that companies are taking the lead and creating the conditions, as now in Munkedal. We are pleased and proud to follow this project,” says Jan Hognert, Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board in Munkedal.

Since the mill was built in 1871, Arctic Paper has owned and operated its own steam production. In recent years, many significant investments have been made thanks to which the mill is one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world today. The collaboration between Arctic Paper and Adven started in spring 2019, intending to take steam production to the next level.

The plant will be Adven’s largest energy plant in Sweden, and it is expected to in operation in spring 2022.

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