July 1, 2020

Siilinjärvi municipality will move for modern district heating

In the future, even more industrial excess heat will be used in Siilinjärvi in heating of houses and buildings. Savon Voima and Adven have signed an agreement in which an even larger part of the excess heat from the production of Yara’s Siilinjärvi plants will be transferred to the district heating network in the Siilinjärvi urban area. This is a big step towards carbon neutrality nationwide in Finland, as reportedly excess heat generated in industrial processes has never been utilized anywhere in Finland on such a large scale.

Until now, about 80 percent of Siilinjärvi area’s district heating has been obtained from the Siilinjärvi plants of Yara, manufacturer of fertilizers. Now with the new agreement, the share of excess heat utilized will increase to about 96-97 per cent already in the coming heating season. Utilization of excess heat also maintains the competitiveness of district heating.

“Utilization of industrial excess heat is one way to maintain the competitiveness of district heating. Responsibility and environmental friendliness of our district heating operations are our most important strategic goals and we invest heavily in them in all our district heating locations. We are proud of how well and in an innovative way this goal can be achieved in Siilinjärvi. This solution is a good example of the circular economy and the flexibility of the district heating network as an energy transmission network”, says Juha Räsänen, Business Director of Savon Voima.

“A well-functioning district heating network helps for it is part to secure the opportunities in housing and business, and the competitiveness of the region. Even now, we have about ten apartment building projects underway in Siilinjärvi, and the carbon-neutral form of heating in them will at least not reduce the interest of home buyers. It is great that Siilinjärvi is showing other regions a model for low-carbon energy production and cooperation between companies. Yara is a very important player for the municipality and in this way, it is able to bring a new angle of its operations to the residents, says Vesa Lötjönen, Mayor of Siilinjärvi municipality.

It is very unusual for almost all the heat needed by a district heating network to come from industry. However, the utilization of industrial excess heat is becoming more common.

“We have been developing various solutions for a long time with which we can reduce the environmental impact of the operation of the production plant, and this is one example of concrete measures”, says Mika Perälä, Plant Manager at Yara Siilinjärvi.

“Energy recycling and utilization in district heating is already being done in Finland to some extent, but it is exceptional that almost all the energy needed for the grid comes from industrial by-products”, says Ville Heikkinen, Adven’s Head of Country, Finland.

The heat generated by pyrite and sulfur combustion is utilized

Excess heat is generated in the plant’s pyrite and sulfur combustion processes and is converted into electricity and district heating. Energy is obtained for the district heating network as a by-product of the plant’s normal production from CO2 free energy sources.

In addition to the mine’s concentrator, Yara’s Siilinjärvi site has four different production plants – a fertilizer plant, a phosphoric acid plant, a nitric acid plant and a sulfuric acid plant. Yara Siilinjärvi produces fertilizers for agriculture, phosphoric acid for the fertilizer and feed industries, and sulfuric acid and nitric acid as raw materials for fertilizers. In addition, the factories produce ammonium nitrate solution as a raw material for quarry explosives.

Additional information:

Savon Voima, Business Director, District Heating and Energy, Juha Räsänen, juhap.rasanen@savonvoima.fi, +358 40 746 1220

Yara Siilinjärvi, Plant Manager Mika Perälä, mika.perala@yara.com, +358 50 386 0640

Adven, SVP, Head of Country, Ville Heikkinen, ville.heikkinen@adven.com, +358 40 584 6926

Savon Voima

The Savon Voima Group consists of the parent company Savon Voima PlC and its subsidiaries Savon Voima Verkko Oy and Savon Voima Joensuu Oy. Savon Voima Plc is wholly owned by Savon Energiaholding Oy, which is owned by 20 municipalities in the operating area. The Group’s business operations are electricity transmission, electricity generation and district heating.

Siilinjärvi municipality

Siilinjärvi is a growing and vibrant residential and business community with almost 22,000 inhabitants. Excellent transport connections and services guarantee the comfort of both consumers and companies. The municipality of Siilinjärvi is the second largest municipality in Pohjois-Savo and it employs about 1,500 people.


Yara is a global supplier of mineral fertilisers, industrial chemicals and environmental protection agents. Yara has over 100 years of experience in plant nutrition and the company employs 16,000 people across the world. In Finland Yara employ directly 900 people and our overall impact on employment is 4,500 people.

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