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Utilities District heating Energy production

Is it a good idea for municipalities to manage their own energy production, or should the money be directed elsewhere?

Several million euros are spent annually on municipalities’ energy production. Other uses could be found for this money, as many municipalities have many development projects to focus on. Municipalities that partner up in their energy production have more opportunities to influence their energy production and the cost of it, through…

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Industries Energy production

Terrafame will recover excess energy of its hydrogen plants – technology is used in a new way

Terrafame starts to produce process steam by utilizing excess energy streams of its hydrogen plants. In the past, the similar technology has been utilized, for example in power plants, but it is new in hydrogen plants. Adven is responsible for the project and operates the solution in future. The project…

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Industries Food & Beverage

Strict regulations for the food and beverage industry require complex solutions

In terms of water usage, the food and beverage industry is heavily regulated compared to other industries. The Swedish Food Federation (Livsmedelsföretagen), the employer and industry organisation for companies producing food and drinks in Sweden, has now included a new item in its Sustainability Manifesto – more efficient water use.…

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Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper

Circular economy can bring major cost savings to the water and energy-intensive forest industry

The pulp and paper industry is very energy-intensive and consumes high volumes of water. The industry would therefore gain considerable benefits from more efficient water and energy solutions. Companies operating in the industry can achieve significant cost savings using various circular economy solutions. Pulp and paper industry processes traditionally consume…

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Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper Utilities ...

Adven acquires the energy production of forest industry company Pankaboard

Pankaboard, a manufacturer of special cartonboards in Eastern Finland, is selling its existing energy production equipment to Adven. Adven will supply the steam Pankaboard requires for its board production as a service. Pankaboard’s energy plant, which utilises renewable energy and has a capacity of approximately 33 megawatts, will represent one…

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Circular economy can help mitigate climate change and save money

Measures with the biggest impacts in tackling climate change are being taken in companies – especially in industry. Industries and real estates are Finland’s biggest energy users, and energy production and consumption are responsible for three quarters of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions. With circular economy actions, companies can not only…

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Industries Food & Beverage Energy production

Valio is curbing its use of oil and peat – bio-based fuels will cut emissions by 17,000 tonnes a year

Adven is delivering an entirely new boiler plant to Valio’s Seinäjoki plant, bringing an additional four megawatts of power. The new bio boiler plant will reduce the plant’s use of oil and peat, which in turn will cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 15,000 tonnes a year. The emissions of…

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Industries Forest, Pulp & Paper Material and side stream recovery

Kotkamills to boost chemical recycling – new solution to reduce environmental load by thousands of tonnes

At the turn of 2020-2021, paper and board mill Kotkamills will adopt a closed-cycle solution to boost chemical recovery. The chemical oxygen demand of the wastewater treatment plant will fall by around 20 per cent and the carbon dioxide emissions will decline by approximately 3,500 tonnes. The solution will be…

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Industries Energy production

How we cut the CO2 emissions of our energy production by 41 per cent in seven years

At Adven, we have significantly reduced our carbon dioxide emissions – despite the dramatic growth in the volume of energy we produce. Our systematic, long-term approach to reducing emissions includes, among other things, switching to renewable energy sources and improving the efficiency of our plants. I joined the Adven team…

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