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Real estates Geoenergy Hybrid energy solutions

Hybrid energy for properties – more than geoenergy

Property owners are under pressure from investors, tenants, and the public to save costs and help battle climate change. That is what we hear from everyone in the business. Since energy use is a major factor in the life cycle costs of a property, becoming more energy efficient is a…


Summer jobs at Adven: wide spectrum of tasks with high standards

Diverse work and easy-going atmosphere make Adven an attractive option for summer employees.  Fredrik Kuokkanen and Saku Seluska are both last-year students, on their way to becoming Master of Science in engineering. In the summer of 2021, both worked in the maintenance of Adven’s energy plants; Fredrik in Western Finland…

Real estates Geoenergy

Adven is drilling for renewable geothermal energy for Viggby Ängar

In Täby, just outside Stockholm, Adven is drilling 300 metres into the bedrock to supply renewable geothermal heating and cooling to the new housing estate Viggby Ängar. Work to construct a climate friendly, cost-effective energy solution for Aros Bostad’s new homes is now in full swing. Ground was broken for…

Industries Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Energy production

Finnfeeds Finland’s factory in Naantali switches to biofuels in its energy production

Finnfeeds Finland Oy’s Naantali factory, part of the IFF Group, is expanding its cooperation with Adven. In the future, Adven will supply the plant with energy service that will further reduce the CO2 emissions of the factory. After 2022, most of the process energy needed will be produced with biofuels.…

Industries Industrial water treatment

Service-based wastewater treatment helps industries make water a priority

In an industrial company, wastewater treatment is a complex process with many regulations. Wastewater treatment can also be purchased as a service from an experienced operator. Almost all industrial players handle wastewater treatment in one way or another by themselves, no matter what the industry or company’s size is. Some…

District heating

New investments to secure safe and renewable district heating in Swedish Gällö

Since 2015, Adven has owned and operated the district heating networks in the communities of Bräcke and Kälarne in northern Sweden. Now Adven is also taking over and modernizing the district heating business in neighbouring Gällö. Adven operates around 20 energy plants in the northern part of Sweden and is…


Adven recruits: Senior Vice President, the Baltics

We are waiting for your CV by 11.08.2021 through

Industries Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Energy production

Adven collaborates with Eastman on innovative energy project in Estonia

Global specialty materials company Eastman has started a collaboration with Adven to convert benzoic acid production by-product into energy. This innovative solution makes energy production more environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective. Eastman’s Estonia site produces benzoic acid, sodium benzoate and plasticizers in its factory in Kohtla-Järve. The plant exports…


Fintoil chooses Adven as its energy partner for the new crude tall oil biorefinery in Hamina, Finland

Fintoil Hamina Oy is building a crude tall oil biorefinery in the Port of Hamina, a chemicals port in Hamina, Finland. A significant part of Fintoil’s production is used for the production of biodiesel. Adven was chosen as the energy partner and will provide energy as a service to Fintoil.…