August 9, 2021

New investments to secure safe and renewable district heating in Swedish Gällö

Since 2015, Adven has owned and operated the district heating networks in the communities of Bräcke and Kälarne in northern Sweden. Now Adven is also taking over and modernizing the district heating business in neighbouring Gällö.

Adven operates around 20 energy plants in the northern part of Sweden and is responsible for supplying district heating to citizens, companies and municipal businesses in larger localities such as Timrå and Sollefteå as well as in smaller communities such as Bräcke and Kälarne.

Just before summer, the cooperation between Adven and Bräcke municipality deepened as it was agreed that Adven will take over ownership of the district heating in Gällö. Adven will also modernise the district heating business and invest in two new boilers with a total capacity of two megawatts.

“Bräcke Municipality is thankful for the long-term cooperation with Adven and pleased that the new plant is being built. The working environment inside the local school will be considerably better with a more even temperature and the safety will be improved as all heavy traffic is moved out of the school area, says Göran Bengtsson, Manager for the Technical and Infrastructure Department at Bräcke municipality.

Gällö, Sweden

The existing pellet boiler is almost at the end of its lifecycle and the project to procure and build the new boiler has already started.

“The most important for us is that Gällö residents have a safe and reliable supply of heat. We are happy to step in and support the municipality in the development of a modern district heating operations,” says Joakim Haga, Adven’s Regional Manager for northern Sweden.

The new boiler will be equipped with a flue gas treatment consisting of a multi-cyclone and electric filter that will help to reduce the environmental load. The plant will be built in a new place but close to the existing one and will have a special design with a façade that resembles wood to match in as much as possible with the surroundings. In addition, a large part of the equipment normally located on the outside will be placed inside the plant.

The new heating plant is expected to be ready to supply renewable district heating to the residents of Gällö by the turn of the year.

For further information:

Adven, Joakim Haga, Regional Manager Norrland,, +46 70 331 09 85.

Bräcke Municipality, Göran Bengtsson, Manager, Technical and Infrastructure Department,, +46 (0) 693-162 14.

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