New Adven takes lead in transition

7th November 2022
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Swedish district heating company Värmevärden and Northern European energy company Adven are merging under the name Adven. Thereby the company strengthens its position as a leading partner in the energy transition.
– This will provide increased stability and security for our district heating customers while industry customers can have customised energy solutions with heavily reduced emissions as a result.
Summarized by the company’s CEO, Anders Ericsson, who is gearing up to give the energy transition a good push forward.

The crucial transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy solutions increases the demand on technology, competence, and capital. On top of that there are local, EU and UN legislation that must be adhered to, adding to the complexity. Many companies and municipalities find themselves at a point where a competent partner is needed to optimise resource usage and drive the transition. This is where Adven can help.

– We can take care of the entire transition or parts of it, as an assignment or in partnership, as part owner or with full ownership. Some just need assistance with a single piece of the puzzle. Others want to focus on their own core competencies and have someone else handle the entire energy supply chain, says CEO Anders Ericsson.

A catalyst in transitioning

The entire chain that Anders Ericsson is talking about is Adven’s concept of “Energy as a Service”. This means that Adven takes full responsibility for the entire energy supply chain for the estate or production site including design, investment, build, operations – as well as continuous development. This has made Adven something of a catalyst in the transition from fossil fuels. The transition has been ongoing for quite some time also in district heating where both Adven and Värmevärden has increased the use of renewable and recycled energy sources in their own production.

– The advantage of a larger company is that we will increase our synergies around the volumes of fuel needed as well as emissions while keeping the costs down in these uncertain times, Anders Ericsson states.

Leading partner

Through this merger, the combined energy company Adven will have more than 50 years of experience in district heating and industrial energy production and will run around 350 units in Europe. After the merger the company will have a total of 580 co-workers who will together strengthen their position as a leading partner in the energy transition in chosen country, the Nordics and Europe.

For more information

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Adven is a dynamic energy group, driving the energy transition by developing sustainable and competitive solutions in partnership with customers, municipalities, and suppliers. Together our 580 employees provide households and businesses with heating based on district heating and geoenergy – and industries with steam, heat, cooling and infrastructure services that improve resource efficiency.
We have a long and solid track record with more than 50 years of experience within the field. Today we operate over 350 sites in Europe with a total energy volume of 5 TWh. Our annual turnover is €337m and our total balance sheet €1.320m.

Coming together for a future of possibilities.