July 2, 2019

Mirka increases heat and water recovery at the Jepua abrasives manufacturing plant – saves 40,000 cubic meters of water a year

Mirka, a world leader in surface finishing products, will recycle heat and water more efficiently at its Jepua production plant in Finland’s Northern Ostrobothnia by early 2020. Adven implements Mirka’s heat and water recovery as a full service.

In recent years, the volume of energy used by the Jepua production plant has been over 65 gigawatt hours. The energy need for energy has grown at the same pace as the plant’s production.

Mirka’s need for heating is increasing as the spaces expand. Still, Mirka does not need additional energy when heat is recovered more efficiently from production processes.

Through the closed-cycle Recovery solution, the need for biofuels and LPG used as reserve and peak energy can be reduced and significant savings are achieved in water consumption.

“The new solution fits perfectly to our strategy and helps to reduce environmental impact. We are very pleased that we found this solution with a fast schedule and that Adven is operating locally. We can be trustful when Adven has local personnel here. This is a great way to build the future,” says Jari Lemberg, Mirka’s Project Office Manager.

Water and heat are recovered and reused

Water recovery saves about 40 thousand cubic meters of water each year. Mirka uses water at various stages of abrasives manufacturing, which heats up in the process. Previously, water has ended up in a sewer and from there to the water purification plant. Now the heat will be recovered, and the water is also purified to be used again as a wash water. This means that there is no need to take water from the water distribution network. Adven implements heat recovery and process water purification as a full service.

“Today, heat and water recycling at factories is common. If the need of energy increases, it is better to find out if heat and water can be recycled more efficiently and even avoid supplying additional energy. This is also a climate-friendly choice,” says Adven’s Account Manager Jari Ojala.

In addition, heat is recovered from the combustion system’s odor gases. Previously, 100-degree hot air has ended up in the sky, but now the heat is recovered. The heat will also be recycled at the solid fuel plant.

The cooperation between Adven and Mirka has continued for a long time. At the Jepua production plant Adven started as an energy supplier in the beginning of the 2000s. Adven has also been developing its solid fuel plant that has been operating in the plant area since 2016, which is when ownership of the plant transferred to Adven. In the same year, Adven also started to produce reserve and peak energy for Mirka that is generated using local biogas.

For further information:

Adven, Jari Ojala, +358 50 4525664, jari.ojala@adven.com

Mirka, Stefan Sjöberg, +358 40 824 7385, stefan.sjoberg@mirka.com

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