August 7, 2020

Fuelwood is expanding the pellet production – new dryer and bio boiler plant in operation

The pellet manufacturer Fuelwood has started the production on its second line at the pellet plant located in Söderhamn, Sweden. Fuelwood had a need to both expand the capacity and to be able to use various raw materials in its production. Adven has built and financed a dryer and a bio boiler plant that has been commissioned in July.

In August 2019, Fuelwood and Adven entered into an agreement on energy supply at Fuelwood’s pellet production site in Söderhamn. Until now, Fuelwood has used waste materials from the nearby business Svenska Fönster. The new production line enables the company to utilise waste materials with a higher moisture content, including such from the local wood industry and sawmills.

The project started in November and was carried out by Fuelwood. In December, Adven started the construction of a dryer with a capacity of 8 tonnes per hour and carried out the final installations in the beginning of 2020. The work proceeded according to the plan and the construction of the 3 MW boiler plant started in February. The installation faced some delays due to the coronavirus, but in the beginning of June, the project plan was adjusted accordingly, and the plant was commissioned in July.

“Everything has gone very well, despite the challenges that followed the COVID-19 outbreak. Adven has shown dedication and proactivity, and now we are up and running with the plant and pellet production”, says Tanel Teimann, CEO of Fuelwood Group.

Aiming for continuous growth

Adven not only provides energy services in the form of steam and heat production, but also guarantees a dry waste material, that Fuelwood will be able to use directly in its production.

“Considering the growth phase in which we find ourselves today, it was obvious to choose Adven as a partner. The ability to provide a tailored technical solution according to our needs has been important, and Adven has definitely proven a high level of technical competence and flexibility as a service provider during the project. Currently we are planning to expand our business further in Sweden, preferably together with Adven, and become a significant producer of green energy in Sweden”, Teimann summarizes.

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