July 2, 2021

Fintoil chooses Adven as its energy partner for the new crude tall oil biorefinery in Hamina, Finland

Fintoil Hamina Oy is building a crude tall oil biorefinery in the Port of Hamina, a chemicals port in Hamina, Finland. A significant part of Fintoil’s production is used for the production of biodiesel. Adven was chosen as the energy partner and will provide energy as a service to Fintoil. With a feed capacity of 200,000 tons of crude tall oil, Fintoil will once commissioned be the world’s fourth largest crude tall oil refiner.

The biorefinery will be completed in the summer of 2022. It will refine crude tall oil (CTO) into fractions to be used for the production of renewable diesel, and for the needs of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. About 50 per cent of the biorefinery’s output will be used for the production of renewable fuels, while the rest will be used for other sustainable products.

“Lately, we have seen a trend of outsourcing energy plants, which made us consider this option, too. We chose Adven as our partner because the company is a well-known operator with good references both from public sources and from customers. Adven’s knowledgeable and helpful people have convinced us that they know both technology and the business,” says the CEO of Fintoil, Jukka Ravaska.


The production process of the refinery is based on fractional distillation in which heat energy and negative pressure are used to distil the raw material to its constituents, separating the wanted fractions. This is where Adven enters the process and provides the necessary heat energy for the process.

“We already have existing customers in the Port of Hamina, such as BASF, Neste and Prefere Resins. This new agreement will further strengthen our operations in the area. For Fintoil’s refining processes, we will supply energy with a 10 MW boiler both reliably and with high availability,” says Adven’s Sales Manager Teemu Kivimäki.

Aiming for significant reductions in emissions

Fintoil aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by producing renewable end products that will contribute to reducing emissions and, in turn, to Finland’s efforts towards carbon neutrality.

The company refines crude tall oil, which is obtained as a by-product of manufacturing tall and pine pulp, into fractions that are used as raw materials for various products. Tall oil distillation has a minimal carbon footprint, much like the products obtained through it used by the fuel, glue, adhesive, health and welfare industries.

“You can produce 100 million litres of biodiesel annually from fatty acid, which equals the annual fuel consumption of ca. 110,000 cars. On the other hand, the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive also lists crude tall oil as one of the sustainable raw materials suitable for the production of advanced biofuels,” Ravaska says.

For further information:

Teemu Kivimäki, myyntipäällikkö, Adven, teemu.kivimaki@adven.com, +358 40 561 5361

Jukka Ravaska, toimitusjohtaja, Fintoil, jukka.ravaska@fintoil.com, +358 50 310 4437

Fintoil was founded in 2017 to focus on refining crude tall oil for biofuel production and the needs of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. The company is owned by its key personnel and the Finnish finance and investment group Taaleri Sijoitus Oy. CEO Jukka Ravaska has held management positions in the specialty chemicals industry at companies such as Solvay, Akzo Nobel, Kraton and, most recently, Forchem. The company’s Chairman of the Board is John Lindahl, who has previously gathered experience on investment projects in the pulp and paper industry. https://fintoil.com/

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