August 26, 2021

Finnfeeds Finland’s factory in Naantali switches to biofuels in its energy production

Finnfeeds Finland Oy’s Naantali factory, part of the IFF Group, is expanding its cooperation with Adven. In the future, Adven will supply the plant with energy service that will further reduce the CO2 emissions of the factory. After 2022, most of the process energy needed will be produced with biofuels. Finnfeeds Finland’s Naantali factory produces betaine, which can be found in many cosmetic products, for instance in shampoo.

The new energy plant will reduce the annual CO2 emissions of the factory by between 2,000 and 3,000 tons. Together with the previously implemented Adven evaporation service, the annual total reduction in carbon emissions is approximately 19,000 tons a year, which corresponds to well over 100 million kilometres driven by passenger cars.

The 10-megawatt bioboiler plant will be built in close proximity to the Finnfeeds Finland’s factory and will secure the need of process steam sustainably long into the future.

“It was important for us that energy supply continues reliably, pricing is competitive and the environmental impacts as low as possible. In choosing a partner, the share of renewable fuel was one of the key elements, as sustainable development is one of the most important values of the IFF Group’s operations. In addition, we already had good experiences working with Adven,” says Heikki Vahtera, Plant Manager at Finnfeeds Finland.

In Naantali, Finnfeeds Finland produces betaine separated from sugar beet-based solutions. Betaine is a natural osmolyte and it is utilised in the cosmetics industry. Betaine is also used in animal feed, nutrition, and chemical industries.

IFF Finnfeeds Finland Oy, Naantali

Evaporation service dropped carbon dioxide emissions of the factory

Earlier Adven has implemented an MVR evaporation plant for Finnfeeds Finland in Naantali and has been responsible for operating the evaporation service since 2018. Thanks to evaporation, the need for steam decreased by almost 40 per cent and at the same time the carbon footprint has decreased significantly, even by 16,000 tons annually. The evaporation plant has also reduced the factory’s total energy consumption by a total of around 30 per cent.

“Through our earlier cooperation, we know the processes of the Naantali factory and understand the customer’s needs. It is therefore natural to extend cooperation to energy production. High usability and reliability of energy supply are at the heart of these decisions. In addition, our customers are aware of the cost levels well into the future,” says Teemu Kivimäki, Sales Manager at Adven.

Energy production takes place in a 10-megawatt bioboiler where wood-based biofuels are burned. The energy plant will be built in the harbor at the Finnfeeds Finland’s site. Energy plant will be taken in use no later than the end of 2022.

Additional information:

Adven, Sales Manager Teemu Kivimäki, +358 40 561 5361,

Finnfeeds Finland, Factory Manager Heikki Vahtera, +358 40 765 1160,

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