May 21, 2019

Finland’s largest cold warehouse expanding – S Group’s huge logistics centre will soon be cooled by 38 compressors

Finland’s largest building, S Group’s groceries logistics centre, is located at the border of Sipoo and Kerava. With more than half of the 200,000-square-meter building being refrigerated, this huge cold warehouse stores a third of Finland’s grocery products. The centre is being expanded further, and following the expansion, it will feature as many as 38 cold compressors for cooling.

The groceries logistics centre in Sipoo, operated by SOK Corporation’s subsidiary Inex Partners, is being expanded. Even prior to the expansion, S Group’s logistics centre had a massive floor area of 200,000 square meters. The new refrigerated dispatch and picking room under construction will expand the centre by another 22,000 square meters.

“The construction of the logistics centre is currently in phase two and will increase the building’s new floor area by around one tenth. Due for completion in June 2020, the extension will see a flow of products move in and out like in a terminal,” says Juha Äijälä, Manager, Real Estate and Construction at SOK.

Adven will supply the cooling solution for the extension, as it did for the completed logistics centre.

“The extension’s refrigerating machine room will house four ammonia refrigeration compressors with a combined refrigeration capacity of around 4,500 kW,” says Adven’s Account Manager Henrik Vasama.

A thousand truckloads of food daily – seamless cooling is a must

The Sipoo centre dispatches as much as 35% of Finland’s grocery products. The storage room temperatures vary between +6 and –26 degrees Celsius for storing products ranging from fruit to bread and frozen products to meat. Approximately a thousand trucks arrive at the centre every day, which means more or less one truck every minute.

“Operations must be absolutely trouble-free. Stores receive deliveries six days a week, so disturbances in transports would immediately show on store shelves. A more severe incident, breaking the cold chain at the centre, could spoil large amounts of products. The operational reliability of Adven’s services is paramount for the centre“, Äijälä sums up.

One of Finland’s biggest users of geoenergy

Considering the terminal’s critical role in Finland’s food supply, a hybrid solution was chosen to guarantee the performance of the energy solution. Heated essentially with geoenergy and bioenergy from pellets, the logistics centre is one of Finland’s biggest users of geoenergy.

“In practice, the heating system combines pellets, geoenergy and waste heat recovered from refrigeration at two different temperature levels. The cooling system provides refrigeration at different temperature levels, ranging from –26 to +6 degrees Celsius. In addition, offices are provided with comfort cooling. What makes the logistics centre special is the management of the whole, and availability and reliability,” Vasama says.

During the expansion, a powerful high-temperature heat pump will be connected to the refrigeration centre’s process to utilize the waste heat from the refrigeration compressors.

Additional information:

Henrik Vasama, Account Manager, Adven, tel. +358 50 381 2173,

Juha Äijälä, Manager, Real Estate and Construction, S Group, tel. +358 50 584 6805,

Inex Partners Oy

Inex Partners Oy is a logistics company that is wholly owned by SOK Corporation. The company provides warehousing, transport and other logistics services to S Group’s grocery chains. The company’s main locations are the logistics centres in Sipoo, Bastukärr.

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