”EaaS” accelerates energy transition and kick-starts business in the Netherlands

27th February 2023
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Today’s crucial transition, from fossil fuels to sustainable energy solutions, is becoming increasingly demanding; in technologies, competencies – and capital.
– These challenges are the core of our business. We take care of our customers’ whole energy supply chain: design, construction, investment and operation, while they focus on their own production.

Words from Victor Donselaar, whose new team in Arnhem will provide 50 years of experience from the Nordics and Baltics speed up the industrial energy transition in the Netherlands.

A new energy infrastructure may cost tens of millions of euros and requires a lot of resources and experience to realize. On top of that there are national, EU and UN legislation and sustainability objectives that must be adhered to. Many companies find themselves at a point where a competent partner is needed to optimize resource usage and to drive the transition. Someone who can solve a specific piece of the puzzle – or take care of your entire energy supply chain, for a decade or two. Either way, Adven’s business model leans on long-term thinking and partnership.

Adven is a catalyst in the energy transition, helping industries with their sustainable energy production, effectively cutting emissions and increasing resource efficiency. The core of its “Energy as a Service®” (EaaS) concept is that it allows everyone to keep doing what they do best. A dairy for example is probably excellent in producing milk, but maybe not as excellent in producing sustainable thermal energy, cold or steam…

– And it doesn’t have to be! You can keep focusing your capital, resources and expertise on your core activities while we take care of your energy and water needs, says Victor Donselaar, Country Manager of Adven in the Netherlands.

During the technical concept development, Adven’s engineers have full focus on the specific needs of the partnering company keeping eyes on possible reusage of resources already in place.

Energy as a Service® in practice

If you are an industry, Victor reasons, and you need to change to a more sustainable and cost-effective production it often means taking on complex projects that might have long payback times. The financing, however, is just one of the challenges and EaaS includes a complete package of solutions, if all-inclusive is what you’re looking for.

Regardless, it all starts with the technical concept development with full focus on your specific needs. Adven’s engineers work on tailormade designs keeping eyes on possible reusage of resources already in place. Then follows the financing, the construction and the operational management of the solution. This chain of service is gaining curiosity and interest in the Netherlands.

– Our customers do not need to have the people nor the capital, Victor Donselaar says and adds, it’s all about unburdening challenges and reducing risks.

Long-term, lifetime & partnerships

There are several risks to cover when developing new thermal energy and industrial water solutions. There is the investment, but then you also must deal with contractors to build and construct. What Adven offers, is to be your partner, taking responsibility all the way: during the development, during the construction and throughout the lifetime of the asset.

Endurance is yet another key factor of Adven’s, with a long-term perspective and with focus on partnership. The company does not just deliver a sustainable solution. It stays, it operates, it maintains – and it sees to that a smart solution stays smart also over time, meaning one, two or maybe even three decades.

–  When I as a Dutch imagine Northern Europe, two things cross my mind: long-term thinking and sustainability. My daughter already had environmental science in primary school in Finland, Victor emphasizes.

Sustainable thermal energy production, noticeably decreased emissions and increasing resource efficiency, that is the purpose of Adven’s business model; Energy as a Service®.

Familiar markets, familiar challenges

Adven coworkers have been adding up to join the company’s new office, in Arnhem, which now holds a complete team. One reason for this investment is naturally the Netherlands relatively big dependency on natural gas. The Dutch industry is still powered by 35 percent natural gas and will face major changes in the near future.

– Together with the industry we have a big challenge to change that and to develop more sustainable production processes, Victor Donselaar underlines.

Another reason for this mutual interest is that many of the company’s customers in the Nordics have operations in the Netherlands as well. Yet another reason is that many ‘low-hanging fruit’ projects have been done already. This means the more complex and capital-intensive projects are now necessary, to move away from natural gas.

A lot needs to happen to accelerate the energy transition. Actions must be taken – and Adven’s newest country team is ready for those long-term partnerships, in the Netherlands.