March 29, 2022

Constant curiosity improves the malthouse’s energy efficiency – before it has been built

Viking Malt Group, one of the largest malting companies in the world, and Adven signed an agreement in January 2021 on an energy solution for a completely new malthouse to be constructed. The greenfield project is to be completed in early 2023, but Adven’s delivery scope has already been expanded.

Adven implements an exceptional energy solution where heat production, cooling plant, and heat pump system will be integrated in a new way to simultaneously produce heat and cooling. Waste heat alone can cover more than 65 per cent of the heat energy needed. Especially when drying malt, a lot of heat is released, and this has previously been largely unused.

As the plans of the new malthouse and its energy solution have evolved, Adven found a possibility for further waste heat recovery. The extra 280 kilowatts of heat recovered will be used in the malt production process and heating of the buildings, making the new plant even more energy efficient. Although it is a relatively small saving, the malt house will be in operation for decades and therefore every improvement in the design phase counts and makes a big difference in the long run.

“This is a good example of what we want from our partners: being proactive and finding new ways of improving our new malthouse even further. We are working closely together to make our greenfield project a success and keep us competitive far into the future,” says Viking Malt’s Kimmo Hietanen, Project Director in charge of the malthouse construction.

Viking Malt has also added the ammonia piping connecting the energy plant to the production plant as well as the main hot water circulation pumps to its order from Adven.

“We know well how challenging greenfield projects can be, coordinating the schedules and scopes of many different suppliers. To lighten our customer’s load, we want to be flexible and keep an eye out for new possibilities that arise along the way to make the project plans and eventually customer’s production plant work even better,” says Hanna Litendahl, Sales Manager at Adven.

Viking Malt construction site in Lahti in a wintery landscape.
Photo: Viking Malt

The energy solution of the new malthouse is to be highly energy efficient: as much waste heat will be recovered as possible, and the plant will use barley husk by-products of the malthouse as fuel.

The production capacity of the plant will be approximately 85,000 tonnes of malt per year.

More information:

Adven, Sales Manager Hanna Litendahl, tel. +358 50 464 4629,
Viking Malt, Project Director Kimmo Hietanen, tel. +358 41 7309669,

Viking Malt Group
Viking Malt Group has malt production in 5 countries: in addition to Finland there is a plant also in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania as well as two plants in Poland with a total production capacity of 600 000 tonnes per year. The Group’s turnover is approximately 250 million euros, and it has about 260 employees. Viking Malt is the largest malting company in Scandinavia, the 5th largest in Europe, and the 9th in the world. It is the leading company in specialty malt in the global market. Viking Malt Group is owned by Polttimo (62.5%) and Svenska Lantmännen (37.5%).

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