January 19, 2021

Aros Bostad and Adven to agree on renewable geo- and solar energy solution

Aros Bostadsutveckling AB (“Aros Bostad”) has signed an agreement with Adven on supply of geo- and solar energy to the new residential area Viggby Ängar in Täby outside Stockholm. Aros Bostad’s ambition was to maximise the use of renewable energy in the new property and Adven was able to meet with that by supplying heating and cooling based on renewable geoenergy and locally produced solar energy. The project is expected to start in the spring of 2021.

Aros Bostad is currently planning to build 250 new condominiums in the Viggbyholm area, in Täby, outside Stockholm. The construction will take place in several stages, the first of which includes about 100 new apartments. Aros Bostad has chosen Adven to produce renewable energy to apartments according to Adven’s energy as a service model.

”As it is self-evident for us to develop carefully planned and well-maintained houses that last over time, we also want that the energy system is well adapted to the property’s requirements. Therefore, we are delighted that Viggby Ängar and its residents will get renewable geo- and solar energy. Geoenergy is a climate-friendly and exciting option and I believe it will become more common in similar projects in the future. For our customers, it also provides a possibility to get cooling in the summertime, which we believe will be much appreciated. Adven is a safe, reliable, and competent partner with a strong focus on the future, says Hansi Karppinen,” Project Developer at Aros Bostad.

“Sustainability ranks high in Aros Bostad projects and because heating creates a significant amount of the property’s environmental impact, we have designed the energy solution to be as climate-friendly as possible. At the same time, it was important for Aros Bostad to be able to offer a cost-effective solution that is easy to manage for the end-customer, meaning the future tenant-owner’s association,” says Maria Barrio, Senior Sales Manager, Real Estate at Adven.

Aros Bostad and Adven to agree on renewable geo- and solar energy solution. Photo: Zynka BIM, Berglund Arkitekter
Photo: Zynka BIM, Berglund Arkitekter.

Adven will supply heating and cooling to the property based on geoenergy and locally produced solar energy. In practice, approximately 75–80% of the energy used to heat the property is extracted on site from the bedrock. The locally produced geoenergy is completely carbon neutral and eco-labeled, green electricity is used in heat pumps.

In summer, the cooling can be extracted from the bedrock and it lowers the temperature in the ventilation air that circulates in the property. This will decrease energy costs close to zero while increasing indoor comfort.

The solar panels will be placed on the roof to maximise the use of renewable energy. Among other things, solar electricity will be utilized in the geoenergy production making the heating system practically completely self-sufficient during the summer months. It will also be used for the property’s ventilation system and fans as well as in households. Thanks to the production of solar energy, the property will get an electricity certificate, a financial support with the purpose of promoting the production of renewable energy.

“The entire property is heated and cooled with renewable energy. Viggby Ängar will be a sustainable and self-sufficient property with high energy efficiency that promotes sustainable living,” says Maria Barrio.

The energy solution is developed by Adven, which through its energy as a service model is also responsible for the investment, project management and the plant operation and maintenance in the future.

The project is expected to start in the spring of 2021.

For further information:

Adven, Maria Barrio, Senior Sales Manager, Real estate, maria.barrio@adven.com, +46 72 535 7607

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