November 19, 2020

Anders Ericsson appointed CEO for the combined Adven/Värmevärden Group

The board of Adven Group and board of Värmevärden Group has appointed Anders Ericsson (current CEO of Värmevärden Group) as CEO of the new Combined Adven/Värmevärden Group. Anders will effective now be leading the work on forming the combined strategy and defining the new organization.

This decision is an important milestone in the work of creating a new leading company in the Nordic Sector. The company will be having approx. 500 employees, delivering more than 5 TWh of heat and steam, and will be serving people, businesses and societies in Sweden, Finland Estonia and Latvia.

Jyrki Vainionpää, CEO of the Adven group, remains in his role of leading the Adven business as of now, and will be part of the senior team supporting Anders in forming the new strategy and organization going forward.

“I´m really inspired by all the opportunities ahead of us. Having had the opportunity to dig into many details of Adven and Värmevärden current business and strategy creates my strong view that the combined operations will be unparalleled within the Nordic energy sector”, Anders Ericsson says.

“The board can only underline Anders view and we will provide full backup to him and the whole business in their effort to create this new leading energy company”, Mikael Kramer, chairman on Adven Group and Värmevärden Group says.

Until the new group comes into force the two companies will run in parallel to continue to deliver to all its obligations.

About Adven
Adven is a leading provider of clean energy solutions providing outsourced infrastructure with a comprehensive, competitive and sustainable offering. Adven’s business is comprised of two segments, Industrial Energy Solutions, and Real Estate Heating & Cooling, which deliver clean energy solutions to its customers across five Nordic and Baltic countries. The company, which develops its energy infrastructure through a finance, build, own and operate model, currently delivers energy to well over 300 sites corresponding to an installed capacity of approximately 2 GW.

About Värmevärden
Värmevärden operates District Heating infrastructure in Sweden and provides environmentally sustainable district heating for residential and non-residential customers, as well as heat, steam and related energy solutions to local industries. Värmevärden operates in 12 municipalities in central Sweden and has around 100 employees. Värmevärden, as a standalone company, was formed in 2010, but has an extensive experience in district heating, going as far back as the mid-1960s.

Point of Contact:

Mikael Kramer, Chairman Adven/Värmevärden
Anders Ericsson, CEO Adven/Värmevärden

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