September 26, 2019

Adven’s head office moves into new, carbon-neutral premises

In early October Adven’s head office, which is based in Vantaa, Finland, will move into brand new, carbon-neutral premises in terms of energy consumption. More space is needed because the company’s headcount has risen alongside net sales growth. The choice of new premises was also influenced by environmental friendliness and enablement of diverse modes of work.

The new head office is located in the Aviabulevardi II office building by the Aviapolis railway station, (Karhumäenkuja 2, 01530 Vantaa). A spacious, brand new shared office space of around 1,200 square metres has been planned for Adven. The premises will facilitate multiple modes of work. At the heart of the premises is a first-class control room which will monitor the operations of over 100 facilities around Finland, 24/7.

Adven has grown rapidly over the last few years: in 2017, Adven Group’s net sales grew by 13 percent, rising to 30 percent last year. Over the last two years (8/2017 – 8/2019), the overall headcount has grown by 53.6 percent, and 20 new experts have already joined Adven in Finland this year. As Adven has grown, the head office has also become cramped.

Environmental friendliness was an important criterion when choosing the new office. The new building has an international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate and renewable geoenergy is used for heating and cooling. The office is carbon-neutral in terms of energy consumption.

– Business premises owners and property investors are paying greater attention to the carbon footprint and lifecycle costs of energy solutions on real estate. We at Adven also want to make sustainable choices, and this includes our new offices, says Adven’s VP of Geoenergy Timo Koljonen.

The new premises enabled space planning that will help Adven to achieve its key priorities, which include collaboration between and continuous development of its top experts. The premises will also enable more flexible choices in line with employee’s own working practices. Head office employees played an active role in designing the new premises, which were completed in cooperation with Kinnarps.

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