July 3, 2018

Adven’s evaporation service improves Kotkamills energy efficiency significantly

Finnish forestry industry company Kotkamills has chosen Adven as a partner for producing evaporation services at its production unit in Kotka. At this unit Kotkamills’ manufactures, among other things, its latest flagship product, a globally unique cardboard, which is entirely free from microplastics.

The existing evaporation plant in Kotka uses a lot of steam, majority of which is produced by natural gas.

”Energy efficiency and its development are one of the key focus areas in our operations”, says CEO Markku Hämäläinen from Kotkamills.

In the future, Kotkamills will acquire evaporation as a service from Adven, who will build a new evaporation plant in the mill. Improving the energy efficiency of the evaporation can significantly reduce steam consumption and energy production emissions.

“The energy efficiency of the plant will be significantly improved as the steam consumption of the existing evaporator is reduced by more than 50%. At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions will be significantly reduced. When the evaporation plant is implemented as a service, Kotkamills can use its own resources to develop its paper and board businesses,” says Adven’s Sales Manager Teemu Kivimäki.

”In addition, implementing new technology enables the future development of our pulp mill”, continues Hämäläinen.

The evaporative plant will be taken in use in 2019

With this agreement, Adven invests in a new closed steam cycle black liquor evaporation plant and is responsible for delivering the evaporation service to Kotkamills for the next sixteen years. For Adven this is the first service contract of black liquor evaporation in the forest industry.

MVR evaporation has previously been used to evaporate black liquor. In Kotkamills, however, MVR technology is utilized even further in the evaporation process. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland granted a new investment support of 3.2 meur for the concept.

The project will be launched in August 2018 by preparatory works. The first stage for the new evaporation plant will begin in the fall of 2019 and the new evaporation plant will be fully in production in the autumn of 2020.


  • Black liquor evaporation is part of chemical recovery processes of a pulp mill. Black liquor is a by-product of the sulfate method used in pulp production.
  • At the pulp mill evaporation, black liquor is concentrated to a high dry matter content of 65-85% and burned in a recovery boiler.
  • The energy from burning the organic matter of black liquor can be utilized to produce heat and electricity.

Collaboration continued: See how Kotkamills boosts chemical recycling – new solution to reduce environmental load by thousands of tonnes.

Additional information:

Adven, Juha Elo, Sales Director, tel. +358 40 594 4755, juha.elo@adven.com

Kotkamills, Petri Hirvonen, CFO, tel. +358 40 571 0834, petri.hirvonen@kotkamills.com


Kotkamills is a responsible partner that delivers renewable products and performance to its customers’ processes via product innovations created from wood, a renewable raw material. One of the key brands of the company is Absorbex®, an innovative laminating paper product for the laminate, plywood and construction industries. Moreover, Kotkamills offers ecological, technically sound and visually attractive wood products for demanding joinery and construction. In summer 2016, Kotkamills started up a new board machine producing AEGLE™ Folding Boxboard and ISLA™ Food Service Boards, including the capability to add barriers onmachine. All Consumer Board material solutions are fully recyclable and repulpable. Kotkamills has two production sites in Finland, located in Kotka and Imatra. The majority shareholder of Kotkamills is MB Funds, a Finnish private equity firm. The company has approximately 500 employees. The turnover of Kotkamills Group Oyj was 219 million euros in 2016.

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