August 1, 2019

Adven will help the Swedish pellet producer to expand

Fuelwood, in cooperation with Adven, is building a modular pellet plant in Söderhamn in Sweden. The plant is considerably more compact and more flexible compared to traditional pellet production sites.

Fuelwood is a Swedish company that has long experience in pellet production and technology. The company decided to embark on an innovative modular pellet technology in Sweden. The technology is based on the solution of a German company Rematec. Fuelwood chose Adven as a partner to build and run a new plant in Söderhamn.

Pellets will be produced locally from the site products of wood industry and sawmills. Adven will build a 3 MW boiler plant, a dryer with a capacity of 8 tons per hour, a storage system and a substation for energy supply. The new plant will produce about 70,000 tons of pellets per year.

Fuelwood’s spokesman Anders Mood said in the process of choosing a partner that Adven’s determination in business and technical matters as well as flexibility became decisive: “Adven is a strong player in energy production and distribution in the Nordic and Baltic regions. We chose them as a partner because, in addition to their significant investments in energy production, they also showed a deep understanding in pellet production processes. We ended up with a very good solution for us, where Adven provides also the drying of raw material which is needed in pellet production.“

Adven’s cross border team has been working with the project and it is led by the Adven Estonia team. According to Adven’s Energy Solutions Expert, Kevin Vaher, both companies value environmental friendliness: “Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint in pellet production. The way Fuelwood will efficiently utilize industry residues, while simultaneously reducing the transportation distances of raw materials, is very compatible with our understanding of sustainable business. We are very pleased to be involved and to contribute to the development of the pellet industry with a technological breakthrough.“

Mood said that Söderhamn’s plant is just a beginning: “In the future we want to expand our business further in Sweden. When, where and how is too early to say, but we have a target.“


Fuelwood Group AB is a Swedish company that aims to develop pellet plants based on modular technology in Sweden. The technology is based on the innovative solution of the German company Rematec GmbH, where the production units are installed as modules and therefore allow flexibility in the choice of the location of the factories as well as in the stepping up of production capacities.

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